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Brain-Injured Boy’s Parents File Personal Injury Lawsuit in Houston

April 16, 2014

A young boy fell through a torn trampoline at a local Houston park, sustaining brain injuries.

Houston teen Max Menchaca was enjoying a day out at a local trampoline park when he fell through a torn canvas in June 2013. He now suffers seizures as a result of sustaining traumatic brain injury after his fall.

The teen’s parents filed a personal injury lawsuit against National Trampoline Entertainment Centers and National Trampoline Entertainment Dallas, II, d/b/a “Cosmic Jump.” The suit requests damages to cover his past, current and future medical expenses, and compensation for his loss of future earnings. The family wanted to file this lawsuit to make a point that trampoline park injuries are on the rise and that, if the parks are not properly maintained, there is the potential for users to face life-altering injuries or death.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were over 94,900 emergency room visits as a result of injuries associated with trampolines. The figures are so alarming that the American Academy of Pediatrics strongly suggests not using a trampoline due to the potential for very serious injuries or death.

Menchaca’s head trauma was the result of falling into an unprotected area under the trampoline platform. The lawsuit states that the injuries were allegedly directly caused by the park negligently permitting dangerous conditions on their premises, and that the park had a duty to warn people and to provide a safe environment. California, Utah, Arizona and Michigan have new rules in place to address this safety concern. Texas does not have such rules.

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