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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed in Death of Dementia Patient

March 22, 2012

Last month, a lawsuit was filed in the wrongful death of a dementia patient. The suit alleges that MEDSAM Enterprises, its driver, and Jewish Family and Children’s Services (JFCS) were negligent in the transport, care, and death of a 73-year-old patient who was missing for ten days after he was allegedly dropped off in the wrong location and not taken directly to his assisted living facility. He was left stranded in the cold wandering for days. An autopsy revealed that the man had died from hypothermia.

According to the complaint, the man boarded the shuttle van for his daily ride from an adult day care to his home. The lawsuit contends that the bus driver failed to ensure the man’s safe return home; debilitating mental and emotional conditions required him to be escorted from the van to his door. Reports state that the man was being transported by a substitute driver who apparently did not know the route or destination. Additionally, he didn’t speak English well.

The suit alleges that the JFCS failed to notify his family for three hours after being notified of his disappearance and it was already dark with an eminent storm by the time the family was notified. Had they been notified sooner, the man may be alive today; his body was found approximately one mile from his home.

An act of negligence that results in death is a potential wrongful death claim. A lawsuit can not only provide compensation for damages, but can be the means to help prevent such negligence from reoccurring. A wrongful death attorney understands how devastating the loss of a loved one can be and can help you seek the compensation you deserve. Unfortunately, a wrongful death claim can be difficult to handle; a settlement may be months, even years away. In the meantime, the family may be faced with funeral and burial expenses, and other household expenses.

Often times, families do not have the financial stability to withstand the lengthy litigation process. When this happens, lawsuit funding may be helpful. Litigation funding is intended to help plaintiffs facing enormous bills as a result of the loss of a loved one or because of severe personal injuries. Legal finance services help them handle their living expenses, medical bills, and/or funeral expenses until their case is resolved; it prevents them from being forced to settle too soon, for too little.

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