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Safe Motorcycling: Watch for Negligent Auto and Truck Drivers

May 20, 2010

It should come as no surprise to you that if you ride a motorcycle, you are exposed to a wide variety of dangers on the road. The chances of being in an accident are higher, because drivers often don’t see bikers; the chances of serious injuries are very high because there is little protection to minimize your injuries.

While motorcycle safety teaches you how to ride and keep safety in mind at all times, it does not teach car and truck drivers how to pay attention to the road when a biker is sharing it with them. If drivers were more aware of what was around them, motorcycle crashes would, likely, decline in number. In today’s hustle-bustle society, with people always in a hurry, and all the distractions offered to drivers, motorcycle crashes are at an all time high.

Many states mandate biker helmets and biker safety courses. States should, at a minimum, require the same of drivers, but they don’t. Thus, most safety precautions fall on the biker; no matter how hard they may try, chances are, somewhere, someplace, a driver will not see a biker and an accident will happen. After a stay in the hospital and visits to the doctor or rehabilitation clinic, a trip to a personal injury attorney’s office may be in order. A lawsuit may be necessary to obtain compensation for serious injuries, pain and suffering, disability, wage loss, medical and rehab expenses, and property damage.

After your lawsuit has been filed, you may wish to inquire about litigation funding. The application process is simple. A lawsuit cash advance is designed for those who are disabled or who have missed significant time from work, have little money saved up, and no way to pay ordinary bills and expenses (mortgage, rent or car payments) in addition to medical expenses and other expenses resulting from their accident.

Lawsuit funding will let an injured biker await an equitable verdict or a fair settlement. This is far better than being forced to accept a “chump change” offer because your immediate financial situation is grim and bills must be taken care of right away. Legal finance might be just the answer for you to allow you to get out from under the horrendous debt load you incurred because of your accident.

Cop Hits Biker; Biker Gets $300,000

May 19, 2010

This motorcycle-automobile accident case was eventually settled for $300,000. It was a bit unusual, as it was filed against a city because the person involved in the accident was a police officer. The officer was not the biker; the officer was driving the car that was hit by biker.

Here is how it happened: The biker was on his way westbound when a city police cruiser crossed right in front of him (across two lanes) without signaling and without the use of his siren. Witnesses said the biker went out of his way to try and avoid a collision but couldn’t make it happen. He hit the cruiser going 30 mph. the EMS crews at the scene were sure he was brain dead because his injuries were so severe.

The biker sustained severe traumatic brain injuries and head trauma, back and spine injuries and a broken leg. He was eventually diagnosed with cognitive disorder as a result of his traumatic brain injuries. Due to that diagnosis, a personal injury lawsuit was filed against the city. The decision was in favor of the plaintiff who will need care for the rest of his life.

While he may not have known this, the biker and his family, would likely have been eligible to apply for litigation funding. It would have allowed them to be able to wait for a fair and equitable settlement or court verdict. They would be able to pay medical expenses, deal with on-going therapy, pay for medications and other operations, as well as special equipment and life counseling. In addition, lawsuit funding would help pay for ordinary bills and expenses while they wait for justice.

A lawsuit cash advance is money given out in advance of a settlement and is based on the amount the personal injury lawyer feels the courts will award. People who apply for it don’t need to have a job, and don’t need a credit check either. Lawsuit funding usually arrives in about 48 hours or less after you have been approved.

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