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Two Doctors Examined Walter Friedlander, Neither Diagnosed Him

August 31, 2016

Walter Friedlander, a former veterinarian, died February 15, 2011 as a result of a severe infection that two doctors did not diagnose. He was 63-years-old at the time of his death.

This medical negligence case resulted in a jury award of $4.65 million to the family of Walter Friedlander who chose to sue for medical malpractice after the death of their father.

According to the statement of claim, Friedlander was admitted to the hospital in 2011 with severe pain. Preliminary blood tests were done. He was then seen by two doctors: Dr. Nicolas Golden and Dr. Doug Heller. But neither one of them spoke to the other after they had seen him. Mr. Friedlander was subsequently left in a medical limbo with no doctors seeing to his care and treatment.

Although doctors purported suspected pancreatitis, there were no tests done for that and no one ordered tests for what turned out to be sepsis, a very dangerous and often fatal condition. Thirty-six hours after Friedlander was admitted to the hospital, he was dead.

This case went to a New York Supreme Court jury and the six-person jury found both physicians and the hospital responsible for Friedlander’s death. The hospital did not agree with the verdict and it is expected that it plans to request the motion be set aside and to reserve its option to appeal.

Despite the short period of time during which Mr. Friedlander was in the hospital, his family would have faced a significant bill for the tests done, the two doctors attending on him, the cost of the room and any medications he may have received. They would also need funds for his funeral and burial.

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