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Big rig clips electric worker’s bucket truck, causing him to plummet to ground

August 15, 2013

Electric company employees face dangerous situations on the job, and not just from working with electricity.

On a typical day at work, electrical workers do what is necessary to fix outages across the city. They are often seen working with traffic lights, either newly installed or those that need repairs.

In this Westchester County, NY accident, a Verde Electric worker in a bucket truck was working on a new set of lights. He saw a tractor trailer unit approaching, but did not realize at the time that the truck would clip the bottom of his bucket. The sharp jolt to the bucket ejected the worker and left him dangling in the air in his safety harness, hooked to the traffic light. The rigging gave way and he fell onto the top of the tractor trailer unit, rolled off the truck and landed face-first on the roadway.

First responders managed to get the man to the nearest medical facility, where he was treated for a number of broken ribs, a broken nose and broken elbow, which required surgery. The future for him includes losing work for a number of weeks, facing rehabilitation therapy, numerous follow up doctor’s appointments and many weeks of pain medication.

The trucker was not charged in this incident, as the police stated that there were no mechanical problems involving the truck and the trucking company was able to provide them with the required paperwork relating to the driver and the vehicle itself.

Nonetheless, the electrical worker may want to discuss negligent driving and driving while distracted with a personal injury lawyer. He faces enormous medical bills and a long recovery. How does he pay for his medical expenses and other costs, such as a mortgage or car payments, when he is unable to work and loses substantial pay due to being off work?

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