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Woman Files Lawsuit Alleging Driver Negligence in Construction Zone Caused Crash

April 6, 2017

A Georgia man cited for a four-vehicle crash in Illinois and ticketed for failure to reduce speed to avoid a crash, now faces a personal injury lawsuit.

According to Illinois State Police, four vehicles were traveling in the left lane at a construction zone on I-64 when Driver A failed to slow for traffic and rear-ended Driver B. Driver B’s vehicle was pushed into Driver C, which then rear-ended Driver D, ultimately resulting in the four-vehicle crash. Driver B sustained seriously injuries and was flown by helicopter to an area hospital. Two passengers in Driver C’s vehicle sustained minor injuries. All vehicles were towed from the scene due to damage.

Recently, Driver B filed a lawsuit against Driver A and his employer for allegedly causing the multi-vehicle crash. According to the suit, Driver B alleges that on May 13, 2016, Driver A failed to properly operate his vehicle and reduce speed while he was acting within the scope of his employment, resulting in a collision. As a result of his negligence, the plaintiff claims she suffered physical injuries, lost wages, and incurred medical expenses.
The plaintiff requests a trial by jury and seeks judgment for an undisclosed amount in damages.

If you suffered a serious injury or lost a loved one in a work zone or construction zone accident, an experienced attorney can make a difference in your case. If you don’t have an attorney, Litigation Funding Corporation can help you find one, within 24 hours, in all 50 states. Once you retain an attorney, the process of collecting evidence and trying to get your life back to normal begins. But, many lawsuits take months, even years to resolve.

Personal injuries resulting from an auto accident both have the potential to exhaust financial resources. Everyday expenses, compounded with medical expenses and lost wages do not stop because you have been seriously injured. For many victims, auto accident litigation funding is not just a good option; it is the only option.

Litigation Funding Corporation is dedicated to helping plaintiffs fight for fair compensation and justice by offering a non-recourse cash advance against a pending lawsuit. This means that funding is completely contingent upon the outcome of the case; repayment is made once the case is won and compensation received.

It is easy to apply for litigation funding either online or by phone. If approved, the cash advance can be available in as little as 24 hours.

Your pain and suffering are more than enough for you to worry about – let us help take care of your bills. Give us a call for a complimentary evaluation of your case. One of our experienced representatives will answer any questions and help you understand the litigation funding process.

Be Financially Worry-Free and Risk-Free During the Legal Process with Litigation Funding Services

October 30, 2014

One problem facing litigants today is the time it takes to pursue a lawsuit against a negligent party. In many cases, personal injury lawsuits can take years to reach a settlement. Meanwhile, monthly expenses continue and litigants are sometimes, financially unable to keep up. If paying the bills becomes a constant struggle, litigation funding may be the perfect solution during the litigation process.

A lawsuit cash advance can be used for monthly expenses or simply to pay off past debts. Best of all, there is no repayment if the lawsuit is not successful because these transactions are provided on a non-recourse basis. There are no credit checks and absolutely no restrictions on the money’s use. All that is required is a strong case and legal representation. And, if the plaintiff suffers the additional misfortune of losing the case, the lawsuit cash advance received is theirs to keep; they do not have to pay the money back. Litigation Funding Corporation would not want this family or any other, to endure additional loss.

When a pending personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit is causing an enormous financial burden, consider litigation funding. To learn more or to determine if your case is eligible, call our office toll free or visit us online.

Litigation Funding Gives You and Your Family Financial Comfort

April 24, 2014

Being involved in a lawsuit is often an overwhelming and stressful process, both emotionally and financially. It is possible to wait months, even years before the case is fully resolved. The last thing a plaintiff wants to do is worry about medical bills, lost wages from missed work, and daily living expenses. When all resources have been tapped, but the bills are still unpaid, litigation funding can provide financial comfort between when an attorney files the case and a settlement is reached.

Many victims do not follow through with a claim because they do not have the finances withstand a long legal process. Litigation funding can change that as it gives a victim time, financial comfort, and – nothing to lose. Funding can be approved in as little as twenty-four to forty-eight hours, and there is nothing to lose because the cash advance is only repaid once the case settles. It is important to note that litigation funding is not a loan; there is no need to put up assets as collateral and bad credit does not hurt the chances of funding approval. The only factor considered is the strength of the lawsuit.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by mounting medical bills and other expenses while in the midst of a lawsuit, consider litigation funding. Simply complete our online contact form or call our office to apply. If approved, the cash advance can be used for anything – paying the mortgage/rent, auto payments, child care, tuition, medical expenses, groceries, utility bills, and more.

Unsure if litigation funding is right for your case? Call a legal funding professional today. You could be on the road to financial freedom tomorrow.

Pending Cases Benefit with Pre-Settlement Funding

March 3, 2014

We all are aware that thousands of innocent people suffer from a personal injury every year, but no one imagines that it could ever happen to them or someone they love. Depending on the type and the severity of the injury, medical expenses can reach thousands of dollars or more, pain and suffering can last years, and some injuries can put a victim out of work for life.

When the injury is due to the actions or negligence or another person or entity, the victim may pursue a personal injury lawsuit to receive financial compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, long or short term disabilities, even redress for emotional or psychological injuries.

Filing a personal injury lawsuit is about justice and receiving fair compensation to help a victim cover medical, funeral expenses, long term care, and/or loss of wages, but it can also help prevent such negligence from being repeated. Unfortunately, many times these lawsuits will take months, even years to resolve causing injured victims to feel forced, by financial circumstances, to consider settlements too early and for too little. Pre-settlement funding prevents this from happening.

Pre-settlement funding relieves financial pressures which could motivate injured plaintiffs to accept a settlement offer well below what they deserve. It is a no-risk lawsuit cash advance, NOT a loan; there is no obligation to repay if the case is lost.

With a pre-settlement cash advance, plaintiffs buy precious time to develop their case and allow their attorney the time need to negotiate a fair settlement. If you need financial staying power to pursue your case, lawsuit funding may be an option. Complete the online application or call out professional, pro-justice staff for a free, no-obligation consultation.

A Lawsuit is Stressful Enough; Let Lawsuit Funding Ease the Financial Challenges

February 11, 2014

Filing a personal injury lawsuit can be emotionally, physically, and financially stressful, but what happens when the negligence leads to serious injury, loss of income, or other damages? A lawsuit is intended to compensate innocent victims, but the lawsuit can take months, even years to work its way through the legal process. In the meantime, a plaintiff may be faced with mounting bills – medical expenses, mortgage or rent payments, auto payments, tuition, or daily household expenses especially one who has suffered an injury and cannot return to work. For some, even putting food on the table can be a challenge.

Lawsuit funding is not a familiar term to many people involved in a lawsuit, yet it can make the difference in a plaintiff’s financial well-being. Plaintiffs have fewer resources than the large corporations and insurance companies putting the plaintiff in a vulnerable position, especially when a case drags on for years. When a deep-pocket defendant delays proceedings or drags out a case, it makes a financially strapped plaintiff vulnerable, and one who will consider accepting a less than favorable settlement. Lawsuit funding provides the much needed cash when the plaintiff needs it most. With a lawsuit cash advance, the victim can focus on seeking treatment and healing from injuries, rather than worrying about how to pay the mortgage or feed the family.

Plaintiffs may be eligible for a lawsuit cash advance at any point between when s/he filed a lawsuit and the time the case is settled. Obtaining funding is quick and easy with no credit checks or employment verification. Additionally, there are no monthly fees or other out-of-pocket expenses. With the cooperation of the plaintiff’s attorney, an application can be reviewed and approved in as little as 24 hours. Best of all, lawsuit funding is provided on a non-recourse basis meaning repayment is only made once the case successfully settles; if the plaintiff loses the case, repayment is waived.

If you are in the midst of a personal injury lawsuit and need financial assistance, lawsuit funding may be the right choice for you. For more information, call Litigation Funding Corp. at 1-866-548-3863 or visit us online.

Injured Victims Can Survive the Holidays with a “Lawsuit Loan”

November 21, 2011

Is a personal injury and pending lawsuit causing a budget pinch this holiday season? If so, then you may want to consider a lawsuit funding. Often times described as a “lawsuit loan”, lawsuit funding is a non-recourse cash advance against a pending lawsuit.

After a serious injury from an auto accident or medical malpractice negligence, insurance companies are less likely to settle and more willing to deny, delay, and defend. This often leaves plaintiffs with mounting medical bills and other while they wait for a fair settlement. With the holidays upon us, many personal injury victims are feeling the financial pressures associated with the long litigation process. With lost wages, pain and suffering, and ongoing medical treatment, a plaintiff may be wondering how to get through the holidays.

Fortunately, there is an answer – lawsuit funding. If you’re waiting for compensation from a personal injury lawsuit and need cash now, we can help. We provide “fast cash” that can be used to pay important bills and help you enjoy the holidays. Our cash advance is not a “lawsuit loan” because unlike a traditional loan, there are no upfront fees or monthly payments and you only repay the cash advance if, and when, you win your case. If you lose your case, you owe us nothing. That’s right – no recovery, no repayment.

Don’t be forced into an unfair settlement. Get the cash you need for the holidays this year with a lawsuit cash advance. Let a “lawsuit loan” give you peace of mind this holiday season. Apply online or call us 1.866.LIT.FUND.

TRAX Train Crash Kills Two; Severely Injures Two More

July 14, 2010

No one will really know why a young man decided to try to cross railway tracks while the crossing arm was coming down and signaling an oncoming train. The man was trying to maneuver around the barrier when the car he was driving, which belonged to his father, was hit by a TRAX train. The impact of this auto-train collision killed the young driver and a passenger; two other passengers were critically injured.

The family of one of the injured passengers has filed a personal injury lawsuit naming the driver, his father and his father’s employer (I presume the vehicle was owned by the company for the father’s use). The suit alleges the father let his son drive despite his bad driving record and habit of not paying attention to traffic rules. The young plaintiff was permanently injured in the auto-train collision.

It is likely that the other families of the other victims will consider pursuing lawsuits, as well. This was a horrific crash and they are entitled to seek compensation for their losses.

After all victims retain counsel and pursue lawsuits, they and their families may want to ask questions about the possibility of accessing lawsuit funding. A “litigation loan” could be a smart move for a family wondering how they were going to pay for the care of their injured child for the rest of their lives.

Pre-settlement funding is something that lets the victims deal with their medical expenses, therapy, etc., right away and then take care of other pressing financial business, like the mortgage and car payments.

A lawsuit cash advance will help them wait for a just and equitable verdict in their favor; it they are approved, funding can be completed within 24-48 hours, by check or wire. It is free to apply and funds are only required to be repaid if the case is settled or won. If you lose the case, the money is yours to keep, free of charge.

Dog Bites: Serious Injuries Require Serious Litigation

May 9, 2010

Been bitten by a dog? Did you know that you have the legal right to ask for compensation for your injuries? Those costs may include treating the bite, medications, and shots, lost wages and pain and suffering. In most states the law is very clear about who is held liable when you get bitten. There are some variations from place to place, but your personal injury lawyer can help you sort that out when you speak to him or her.

In most states you can ask for compensation from any person whose negligence caused you to be attacked, any person who keeps a dog knowing full well it has a history of biting or any person who doesn’t have their dog on a leash, restraint or properly confined. In many cases a lawsuit like this varies because it depends on where you were attacked and how seriously you were injured. Serious dog bites require filing a personal injury claim for compensation. This is usually done with the help of a lawyer who will be able to get you justice. You should know that the lawyer will be dealing with the other person’s insurance company, so he may get the run around. That won’t last for long, because the attorney knows how to deal with things like that. They may try to low ball you, but your attorney won’t let that happen.

If you have been very seriously injured, or your child has been badly bitten and needs some serious medical care, you may want to find out more about litigation funding. Getting a lawsuit cash advance would let you take care of yourself or your child, pay your bills – all of your bills – and then be able to wait for justice.
While the insurance companies are playing around, trying to get you to accept less, a lawsuit funding will enable you to hold out for a just settlement or court verdict. There is no sense in losing dollars to get given pennies.

Traumatic Brain Injury: A Silent Menace

April 26, 2010

Every year at least 1.4 million people suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Unfortunately, almost 50,000 people die as a result of their injuries. Most often injuries like this occur from of a blow or impact to the head; most often from an automobile accident. It may surprise you to discover that many brain injuries result from medical malpractice. A TBI may result when a doctor provides substandard care to the patient. This is a form of negligence and may come in many forms. A misdiagnoses or non- diagnoses of a condition, improperly administered anesthesia, a surgical accident (a slip of the scalpel while working on the brain) or some interruption of blood flow to the brain are just a few examples. Anytime someone has a brain injury, the consequences are always serious and in many instances, life-altering.

In any case that involves head trauma, aneurysms or brain tumors, severe brain injury or death may be the end result if the condition is left untreated. Injuries of this nature have devastating consequences for those who have been hurt, and affect many areas of their lives. Victims may be dealing with speech impediments, paralysis, chronic pain, seizures, depression and astronomical medical bills. In addition, brain injuries impact on the whole family.

If the TBI was caused by an auto accident, slip and fall, or medical malpractice, a personal injury lawsuit is often filed by the victim/plaintiff; personal injury litigation takes a long time to resolve and TBI are often disabled as the result of their injuries. These litigants and their attorneys may be interested to know that they may be able to access lawsuit funding during the course of their litigation, to assist them, financially. Litigation funding is money given in the form of a lawsuit cash advance against the future settlement or verdict expected, or predicted by your attorney. The victim may use this lawsuit cash advance to pay mortgage payments, car payments and other important bills and expenses. They can also pay for medical or physical therapy treatments while they await settlement. And lawsuit financing is contingent upon recovery; if you lose your case you do not have to repay the money. The application process is simple; you can apply for free by phone or on the internet. Legal finance might make a huge difference in the bottom line in your case.

School Bus-Automobile Collision Injures 3

April 20, 2010

It was a clear and crisp day in Kentucky when a school bus and a car met head-on. The bus was carrying kids from two elementary schools and headed south on the highway when a northbound car lost control when it hit a patch of ice. It spun out, veered over the median and smacked head-on into the bus.

Three kids on the bus were badly injured and taken to the nearest children’s hospital by EMS crews for medical assistance. The others were transferred to another school bus and returned to their schools. Police on the scene were trying to figure out the exact cause of this accident. The roads were slippery, but drivers, when faced with poor road conditions, should be slowing down and driving with care.
There are unanswered questions here; they revolve around how fast the car was going, whether the driver was paying attention to the roads, and if not, why not? Was the driver too busy doing something else, inexperienced or on a cell phone? When the police get answers, it will determine what kind of citation may be handed out.

Depending on how serious the children’s injuries were, their families might want to talk to a personal injury lawyer about filing a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation for their medical bills etc. It never hurts to seek professional advice in cases like this.

If they retain and attorney and pursue personal injury litigation, they will discover that cases like this tend to take a while to be settled or have a verdict handed down. This might mean the families may want to also consider litigation funding to tide them over. Also known as lawsuit funding or a lawsuit cash advance, this type of funding has helped thousands of people pay their immediate bills and provide money to deal with current expenses.

Legal finance services will, very simply, allow the plaintiff(s) wait until they get justice, rather than have to take any offer thrown their way because they desperately need the money. There is no point in letting the insurance company keep your money. Good people utilize lawsuit funding when they are in a bad place and need help paying bills until their lawsuit resolves.

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