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Usher Blames Theatre for Slip and Fall

March 16, 2017

A woman was volunteering as an usher at a Houston theatre when she fell from the stairs area, suffering serious injuries. She has filed a lawsuit against the theatre group managers, alleging negligence for failing to maintain the premises in a reasonably safe condition, failing to warn employees, volunteers, and theatre-goers of the dangerous condition, and failing to inspect the premises for any dangerous condition that existed. The lawsuit seeks a trial by jury.

Damages in slip and fall accidents are based on the extent of the actual injuries and can include medical expenses, pain and suffering, or mental anguish. Slip and fall cases fall under premise liability with most cases settling out of court. Other times, victims find themselves in the throes of a length legal battles and struggling to pay the bills. This problem can be aggravated by the length of time it takes to receive a settlement.

When premise liability plaintiffs are left without the financial means to pay bills and take care of their families, litigation funding can help bridge the gap while the case resolves in court.

The first step is to complete a one-page request for funding application online or over the phone. The application is free and there are no credit checks, employment verification, or hidden fees. If your case appears strong, we will award a cash advance based on the anticipated proceeds of the future settlement or jury award. This is often done within 24 – 48 hours of receiving an application for funding. Additionally, litigation funding is absolutely risk-free. If you don’t settle or collect damages on your lawsuit, you are under no obligation to repay the cash advanced. What better way is there to get the peace of mind you deserve in your time of need?

If you are involved in a pending slip-and-fall/premises liability case and need financial assistance, take a few minutes to complete our online contact form or call. Should you have any questions about litigation funding, do not hesitate to contact Litigation Funding Corporation at 1-866-548-3863.

Elderly Man Files Premise Liability Lawsuit Against Wal-Mart

December 14, 2016

A slip and fall accident can happen anywhere, inside or outside. It could be at the mall, grocery store, restaurant, or even someone’s home. It could be a sidewalk, parking lot, or city road. Wherever or however it takes place, slip and fall accidents can result in broken bones, brain injuries and paralysis. Because the burden of proof in these cases is difficult to overcome, premise liability claims typically require the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney. However, the wheels of justice turn very slowly and compensation sought could be months, even years away. A seriously injured or disabled person is at a significant disadvantage against a powerful, well-financed insurance company. Pre-settlement litigation funding is designed to provide an emergency financial lifeline.

An 88-year-old man has filed a lawsuit against Wal-Mart alleging failure to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition led to his injuries. The plaintiff alleges the superstore negligently chose not to repair the cart corral and failed to provide any warning about the danger of using it.

According to the complaint, on May 17, after returning a shopping cart to the cart corral, the man caught his foot on a disconnected metal ground plate and fell, striking his head on the ground and sustaining serious injuries. The lawsuit states the elderly man will continue to experience medical expenses, pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life as a result.

The plaintiff seeks trial by jury and judgment for all damages he has sustained.

Litigation Funding Corporation is a reputable litigation funding company, with over 17 years’ experience helping personal injury plaintiffs with short-term financial needs. After filing a lawsuit, as long as the plaintiff has serious injuries and a strong case, we can often put cash in hand within 24 – 48 hours. Then, we simply wait until the case settles to be repaid, no matter how long it takes.

Litigation funding allows plaintiffs to pay the necessary bills – mortgage/rent, car payments, medical expenses, utilities, groceries, and other important financial obligations. This lawsuit cash advance is made against the future proceeds of the case and not valuable assets.

Litigation funding is similar to a loan, but better! There are no credit checks or employment verifications required to obtain funding and there are no monthly payments. Funding is approved solely on the strength of the case. We are repaid from the proceeds of the settlement, but if it is lost, we completely waive repayment of the cash advance – no principal, no interest, nothing!

Waiting for a settlement from a premises negligence lawsuit, but need money now to pay your bills? Apply now for a lawsuit cash advance from Litigation Funding Corporation. Our online application takes less than five minutes or give us a call to apply by phone.

Litigation Funding Can Make a Difference in Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

November 1, 2016

You were seriously injured in an auto accident, a fall at the store or at a construction site, or maybe the victim of a medical mistake. You thought your insurance company would cover all your needs — but unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. You hired an attorney and he/she filed your lawsuit. Obtaining a fair lawsuit settlement is taking time, but it is also negatively impacting your financial situation especially because injuries have left you unable to return to work. Now that savings have dwindled and the bank has turned you down for a loan, what can you do to avoid foreclosure and car repossession? What can you do to put food on the table? Consider litigation funding!

Although often times referred to as a “lawsuit loan”, litigation funding is not a loan but rather a pre-settlement cash advance against a pending suit. Its purpose is to help plaintiffs with unexpected expenses as a result of a personal injury, as well as cover monthly household expenses. Unlike bank loans, litigation funding requires no application fee, no monthly payments, no credit check, and no employment verification. Best of all, funding is provided on a non-recourse basis meaning that should the plaintiff lose his/her case, the cash advance is waived in its entirety; repayment is null and void if the plaintiff loses.

If you are currently in the process of an injury claim or lawsuit and financial strapped to the point of accepting a low settlement, stop! Complete our online application or call our office for a free, no-obligation consultation to determine if litigation funding is appropriate for you and your case.

Once an application is received, we will work closely with your attorney to obtain required case documents so we can properly review the facts and determine funding eligibility. If approved, a contract is prepared and the funds are wired directly into your bank account or sent via overnight mail within 24 – 48 hours.

Litigation Funding Corporation is one of the most experienced legal finance providers in the marketplace today, with a reputation for quality service and helping plaintiffs when they need it most.

Proving Fault in Slip and Falls Takes Time. Litigation Funding Helps Plaintiffs During the Wait.

February 27, 2015

A store that welcomes customers onto its property has a duty to keep them reasonably safe. An “unreasonable” condition that contributes to a fall can lead to an injury claim against the store.

Any number of conditions might create property owner liability if a slip and fall accident occurs – defective stairs or walkways, ice or snow covered walkways, improper lighting, fallen debris, items in pathway, wet floors without “wet floor” caution signs, falling merchandise. The possibilities are endless, but regardless of the cause of the slip and fall accident, the legal responsibility of the store will depend on whether it had, or should have reasonably had, notice of the unsafe condition and failed to take prompt action to fix the problem.

Retaining an attorney and filing a lawsuit is only the beginning. Compensation sought could be months, even years away and for a seriously injured or disabled person, one not working as a result of an accident, the financial impact can be devastating. The problem for plaintiffs is that it is sometimes difficult to prove who is at fault, so the litigation process can drag on far beyond a victim’s finances. When this happens, plaintiffs with a strong case can seek litigation funding to pay living expenses while awaiting the outcome of their case.

Litigation funding is not a loan, but rather an advance against the future proceeds of lawsuits. Unlike a bank loan, you only repay our cash advance if, and when, you win your lawsuit. Additionally,
• You make no monthly payments on the pre-settlement advance.
• Your personal credit situation is not a factor nor will it be affected in any manner. Good credit or bad, it doesn’t matter.
• You can receive cash in as little as 24 hours.

Litigation Funding Corporation has helped hundreds of victims over the years level the playing field against large insurance companies. We may be able to help you, too. Have you been injured in a slip and fall accident, retained an attorney, and struggling to make ends meet? Before becoming discouraged about your financial situation, contact Litigation Funding Corporation for a FREE no obligation evaluation to see how much money you may be eligible to receive. Remember, if you lose your case, you owe NOTHING!

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