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Usher Blames Theatre for Slip and Fall

March 16, 2017

A woman was volunteering as an usher at a Houston theatre when she fell from the stairs area, suffering serious injuries. She has filed a lawsuit against the theatre group managers, alleging negligence for failing to maintain the premises in a reasonably safe condition, failing to warn employees, volunteers, and theatre-goers of the dangerous condition, and failing to inspect the premises for any dangerous condition that existed. The lawsuit seeks a trial by jury.

Damages in slip and fall accidents are based on the extent of the actual injuries and can include medical expenses, pain and suffering, or mental anguish. Slip and fall cases fall under premise liability with most cases settling out of court. Other times, victims find themselves in the throes of a length legal battles and struggling to pay the bills. This problem can be aggravated by the length of time it takes to receive a settlement.

When premise liability plaintiffs are left without the financial means to pay bills and take care of their families, litigation funding can help bridge the gap while the case resolves in court.

The first step is to complete a one-page request for funding application online or over the phone. The application is free and there are no credit checks, employment verification, or hidden fees. If your case appears strong, we will award a cash advance based on the anticipated proceeds of the future settlement or jury award. This is often done within 24 – 48 hours of receiving an application for funding. Additionally, litigation funding is absolutely risk-free. If you don’t settle or collect damages on your lawsuit, you are under no obligation to repay the cash advanced. What better way is there to get the peace of mind you deserve in your time of need?

If you are involved in a pending slip-and-fall/premises liability case and need financial assistance, take a few minutes to complete our online contact form or call. Should you have any questions about litigation funding, do not hesitate to contact Litigation Funding Corporation at 1-866-548-3863.

Litigation Funding may be an Emergency Lifeline for Customer Suing Restaurant for Parking Lot Fall

March 2, 2017

You have the reasonable expectation that you will be safe while on someone else’s property, but this is not always the case. Premise liability is an area of law that deals with injuries incurred due to the negligence of a property owner. It could be a homeowner or business establishment, such as a restaurant or grocery store.

A New Orleans woman recently filed a lawsuit alleging property owner negligence led to her injuries.
Last March the woman was walking in the restaurant parking lot when she tripped and fell on a large crack in the concrete. As a result, she required medical attention and suffered a fracture in her left humeral shaft.
According to the lawsuit, the defendant is accused of negligently failing to protect its customers, allowing a dangerous condition to exist, failing to warn of the danger, and failing to maintain the property. The plaintiff seeks an undisclosed amount in damages.

When a property owner’s negligence causes harm, victims may find themselves in the middle of a premises liability lawsuit. However, the wheels of justice turn very slowly and the compensation sought could be months, even years away. A seriously injured or disabled person, one not working as a result of an accident, is at a significant disadvantage against a powerful, well-financed corporation and its insurance company. They will deliberately drag their feet to make the injury victim desperate to resolve the case. When premise liability plaintiffs are left without the financial means to pay bills and take care of their families, litigation funding can help fill the void until a fair settlement is reached.

Here’s how it works! First, the plaintiff completes a one-page request for funding application online or over the phone. There are no application or upfront fees, and there is no need to be employed or have good credit. Next, Litigation Funding Corporation will request pertinent documentation to determine case strength. If the case appears strong and winnable, we will likely approve the plaintiff for funding. Once a contract is signed, the cash advance is sent via direct deposit or wire transfer within 48 hours. There are no monthly payments; the advance is repaid only when the case settles. If the case is lost, repayment is completely waived – guaranteed!

If you are involved in a pending slip-and-fall/premises liability case and need financial assistance, litigation funding may just be the answer you are looking for and the support you desperately need. Call Litigation Funding Corporation to learn more or to get started.

Slip and Fall Accident on Movie Set Causes Serious Injury

July 24, 2010

This slip and fall accident happened on the set of a movie and involved a set of fake trolley tracks. The set of the show “Public Enemies” had a 1930s flavor to it and to that end, there were rubber cobblestones and trolley tracks on location. As a man was crossing the street near the filming location, he stepped on the fake rubber cobblestones, causing his feet to sink into the rubber. At the same time, his left foot got caught under the metal trolley tracks. As he fell, he was severely injured.

After the accident, the man called a personal injury lawyer and filed a lawsuit alleging there were no warning signs, barriers or other caution signs to let people know about the fake stones and the tracks. The lawsuit seeks compensation for permanent physical injuries, which were not specified in the court documents.

This unfortunate victim might want to find out if he is eligible for lawsuit funding. If he is, he would be able to handle his immediate medical expenses, therapy and other costs related to his accident, as well as other financial obligations. Getting approved for a lawsuit cash advance would let him wait for a decent settlement or court verdict instead of having to take the first offer that comes along.
A “lawsuit loan” costs nothing to apply for and if eligible, this plaintiff would get his funds within 24-48 hours by check or wire. He doesn’t need to have a job to apply and doesn’t need to have a credit check done either. The pre-settlement funding is advanced to him based on what his expected court settlement may be. It might be worth his while to do some research into legal finance services

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