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Man Dies After Becoming Entangled in an Auger

March 14, 2016

Steven Garcia became entangled in an auger in a blasting room while working on the premises of The Modern Group and/or Dragon Products and succumbed to his severe injuries.

Garcia’s father filed a wrongful death lawsuit alleging his son experienced pain and anguish from his severe injuries prior to his death. The lawsuit seeks exemplary damages to $6 million, and actual, punitive and consequential damages to $3 million.

Monty Garcia, of Galveston, Texas, the father of deceased Steven Garcia, filed a wrongful death lawsuit seeking over $9 million in damages for the death of his son. According to papers filed in the statement of claim, the younger Garcia was building “frac” tanks using sandblasting equipment and techniques. Steven became entangled in an auger and sustained severe, fatal injuries.

The named defendants in the lawsuit are The Modern Group GP Inc., Dragon Products Ltd., Breco Inc. and Personnel Staffing. It is alleged that they failed to properly train and supervise the deceased, have proper safety procedures in place or other safeguards to protect workers, and that the facility used to build “frac” tanks was not designed with safety in mind.

Personal Staffing stated it subscribes to worker’s compensation and the plaintiff’s claims should be dismissed according to the exclusive remedy provision of the Texas Worker’s Compensation Act. The Modern Group and Dragon Products said they did not control the premises where Garcia was fatally injured and that the Texas Worker’s Compensation Act bars the plaintiff’s claim.

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