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Lawsuit Alleges Hospital Negligence Led to Fall and Subsequently a Traumatic Brain Injury

March 14, 2017

When a patient suffers injuries due to negligence on the part of medical professionals, the patient can opt to file a personal injury lawsuit against the health care professional(s) and/or hospital. Damages can be sought for medical expenses, lost past and future wages, emotional distress, and pain and suffering. Once the litigation process is underway, the plaintiff can seek litigation funding.

A couple is suing a hospital, citing alleged insufficient measures were taken to prevent the wife’s fall and subsequent brain injury while she was receiving care for another medical issue.

The woman was taken but ambulance to the hospital in September 2014, after an unrelated health emergency at her home. The complaint alleges that shortly after arriving in the ER, the woman fell from either the hospital bed or stretcher. She was found on the floor and later diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. The lawsuit alleges that hospital staff failed to provide adequate supervision and assistance to prevent the patient from falling.
The plaintiffs request a trial by jury and an undisclosed amount in damages.

If the plaintiffs are in need of financial assistance while waiting for justice to be served, they may wish to consider litigation funding.

Litigation funding is a service that provides plaintiffs with financial assistance to help pay the bills during a lengthy litigious process especially so plaintiffs aren’t forced into settlements too soon, for too little. A lawsuit cash advance from Litigation Funding Corporation is based on case strength and supporting documentation. We have streamlined the funding process so that it is quick, easy, and hassle-free. This means that we can often put the money in the plaintiff’s hands within 24 – 48 hours.

The funding application takes less than five minutes to complete, online or over the phone. There are no up-front charges, no monthly payments, no credit checks, and no employment verification. Best of all, there is no risk! Repayment of the cash advance is contingent upon the outcome of the lawsuit. If the plaintiff loses the case, repayment of the cash advance is completely waived.

To learn more, contact the legal funding experts at Litigation Funding Corporation to discuss your case funding situation.

Only in Texas? Bull Causes Fatal Automobile Accident

August 3, 2010

Does one drive to work thinking “I may encounter a bull in the road today”? Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened in this case. A border patrol agent from Encino, Texas was out on patrol when he observed a driver veer off the road and slam into a tree. The driver was trying to avoid a loose bull on the road; his evasive action at 65 mph resulted in this fatality.

A passenger in the vehicle was airlifted to the nearest hospital with possible traumatic brain injury. Neither of the occupants was wearing seat belts at the time of the accident. A brain damage victim almost always has a very long road to recovery.

This victim may well wish to discuss his situation with a personal injury lawyer who specializes in automobile accident cases. In most areas, farmers are responsible for their livestock and this may factor into the case once the bull’s owner is located. Certainly there will be questions about the speed the driver was traveling on a rural gravel road and whether or not the car was defective in some way – brakes, steering, suspension or tires.

If litigation is pursued and a lawyer is retained, this family might wish to apply for litigation funding to help pay important bills and expenses until their case is resolved. A lawsuit cash advance is available to eligible accident victims; the application process for lawsuit funding is quick and easy and, if a victim is approved, a lawsuit cash advance will arrive within 24-48 hours.

It is free to apply for legal finance; the strategic advantage to obtaining pre-settlement funding is that it permits accident victims to wait for a fair resolution and not have to settle for chump change from an insurance company because they need cash immediately. It is certainly something to think about when the time comes

Cop Hits Biker; Biker Gets $300,000

May 19, 2010

This motorcycle-automobile accident case was eventually settled for $300,000. It was a bit unusual, as it was filed against a city because the person involved in the accident was a police officer. The officer was not the biker; the officer was driving the car that was hit by biker.

Here is how it happened: The biker was on his way westbound when a city police cruiser crossed right in front of him (across two lanes) without signaling and without the use of his siren. Witnesses said the biker went out of his way to try and avoid a collision but couldn’t make it happen. He hit the cruiser going 30 mph. the EMS crews at the scene were sure he was brain dead because his injuries were so severe.

The biker sustained severe traumatic brain injuries and head trauma, back and spine injuries and a broken leg. He was eventually diagnosed with cognitive disorder as a result of his traumatic brain injuries. Due to that diagnosis, a personal injury lawsuit was filed against the city. The decision was in favor of the plaintiff who will need care for the rest of his life.

While he may not have known this, the biker and his family, would likely have been eligible to apply for litigation funding. It would have allowed them to be able to wait for a fair and equitable settlement or court verdict. They would be able to pay medical expenses, deal with on-going therapy, pay for medications and other operations, as well as special equipment and life counseling. In addition, lawsuit funding would help pay for ordinary bills and expenses while they wait for justice.

A lawsuit cash advance is money given out in advance of a settlement and is based on the amount the personal injury lawyer feels the courts will award. People who apply for it don’t need to have a job, and don’t need a credit check either. Lawsuit funding usually arrives in about 48 hours or less after you have been approved.

Traumatic Brain Injury: A Silent Menace

April 26, 2010

Every year at least 1.4 million people suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Unfortunately, almost 50,000 people die as a result of their injuries. Most often injuries like this occur from of a blow or impact to the head; most often from an automobile accident. It may surprise you to discover that many brain injuries result from medical malpractice. A TBI may result when a doctor provides substandard care to the patient. This is a form of negligence and may come in many forms. A misdiagnoses or non- diagnoses of a condition, improperly administered anesthesia, a surgical accident (a slip of the scalpel while working on the brain) or some interruption of blood flow to the brain are just a few examples. Anytime someone has a brain injury, the consequences are always serious and in many instances, life-altering.

In any case that involves head trauma, aneurysms or brain tumors, severe brain injury or death may be the end result if the condition is left untreated. Injuries of this nature have devastating consequences for those who have been hurt, and affect many areas of their lives. Victims may be dealing with speech impediments, paralysis, chronic pain, seizures, depression and astronomical medical bills. In addition, brain injuries impact on the whole family.

If the TBI was caused by an auto accident, slip and fall, or medical malpractice, a personal injury lawsuit is often filed by the victim/plaintiff; personal injury litigation takes a long time to resolve and TBI are often disabled as the result of their injuries. These litigants and their attorneys may be interested to know that they may be able to access lawsuit funding during the course of their litigation, to assist them, financially. Litigation funding is money given in the form of a lawsuit cash advance against the future settlement or verdict expected, or predicted by your attorney. The victim may use this lawsuit cash advance to pay mortgage payments, car payments and other important bills and expenses. They can also pay for medical or physical therapy treatments while they await settlement. And lawsuit financing is contingent upon recovery; if you lose your case you do not have to repay the money. The application process is simple; you can apply for free by phone or on the internet. Legal finance might make a huge difference in the bottom line in your case.

Hit & Run Leaves Father With Traumatic Brain Injury

April 12, 2010

This disturbing case happened in Boston while a 30-year old man was putting his one year old toddler into a rear car seat. He was struck by a car and sustained massive traumatic brain injury as a result of this serious automobile accident. The child was not harmed. EMS crews immediately took him to the nearest hospital in order to start treatment for the head trauma.

The 47-year old female driving the car that hit him was arrested later for leaving the scene of an accident with personal injury and negligent operation of a motor vehicle. Thanks to this woman, the young father will never be the same again. He will never be able to get his life back prior to the accident.

His family will likely file a personal injury lawsuit in this instance and sue for compensation for his lifelong care. Massive head injuries mean a long, long road to recovery. He may never work again, may never have the cognitive skills to handle speaking. It’s touch and go for serious injuries like this.
The family may want to do online research into obtaining litigation funding to help them through the long wait for justice. They will want to deal with a reputable company, one that has been in the industry for years and knows the ropes. Look for one where the person heading it is or was a personal injury lawyer; he/she will have a unique understanding of personal injury cases and how to best provide a lawsuit cash advance.

Lawsuit funding will permit this man’s family hang in and await a fair settlement or jury award. A legal finance company will also pay the plaintiff’s bills right now and will pay future bills, on an as needed basis, until the settlement or verdict occurs. And, if for some reason, the case fails and no money is collected, the lawsuit finance company will completely excuse the obligation.

Jump Ends in Traumatic Brain Injury & Death

April 10, 2010

This California traumatic brain injury death was as sudden as it was unexpected. A University of California San Diego pole vaulter hit his head during a training practice and died two days later.

The victim was a 29-year old sophomore and a fine athlete. He was doing a training run and had just completed a jump when he missed the padding and landed on the concrete, hitting his head. He was doing a rope swing drill just prior to the accident. The minute he hit his head, the young man was unresponsive; he was rushed to the nearest hospital for emergency care for his TBI. Unfortunately, he was declared brain dead two days after this incident.

Questions that need to be answered here relate to whether or not the landing pad was properly placed; was the rope used in the practice exercise was faulty? Did it cause the young athlete to mid-judge his landing target? How much padding is enough and how far should it extend around the practice pit?

The family might find answers by pursuing wrongful death litigation. That is one of the many benefits of pursuing personal injury or wrongful death litigation. Another is closure and a third is to discover what went wrong so that the family of another athlete does not have to go through the agony that this unfortunate young man’s family is going through.

Lawsuit take a long time to resolve. Injury, disability, or death often cause financial problems for the victim and/or his family. Assuming their is proof of negligence in the case, victims and their families may be interested to know that lawsuit funding can assist in paying ordinary and extraordinary bills and expenses while the personal injury lawsuit/wrongful death lawsuit is pending. The family will have expenses to cover as a result of their son’s death, and may be stressed and worried about where the money will come from to handle the bills.

A lawsuit cash advance, if the victim or his family qualify, will provide not only the money they need to pay the bills now and in the future, but peace of mind in knowing they don’t have to accept an inadequate settlement because of the need for financial relief. Litigation funding can be arranged quickly and efficiently; the application process is easy and can be handled over the phone or on-line. Often, accident victims have cash in their hands within 48 hours.

20 Foot Fall From Lift Is Fatal to Construction Worker

March 26, 2010

Construction accidents usually result in serious injuries; this one was fatal for one worker and caused serious injuries for another. The construction accident took place in Louisiana at a job site in the East Baton Rouge school system.

It appears that the two construction workers fell a distance 20 feet to the ground after the lift they were balanced on was struck by a beam. One worker suffered a catastrophic traumatic brain injury and was pronounced dead at the scene. The second man was taken to hospital for treatment of his serious injuries.
Both men worked for a steel fabricator at the time of the accident. The police report isn’t clear as to what precisely took place, but from eyewitness reports, it appears that the crane operator moving the beam from one place to another didn’t pay attention to what he was doing and hit the lift.

The surviving construction worker and the family of the deceased construction worker may want to consider filling both a workers compensation case and, if the crane operator was not a co-employee of the same employer as the victims, a personal injury lawsuit against the crane operator and his employer for negligence in operating the unit. Cases like this take some time before they are resolved; in the meantime, the worker and his family and family of the deceased worker may need money now, to pay their bills and expenses and, in the future, as they wait for the case to wind down the long litigation road.
A lawsuit cash advance may work well for both victims here. The victims could apply for litigation funding; if they are approved, they would receive instant cash just when they need it most. This vital lawsuit financial assistance may be used to pay all the necessary medical expenses, funeral expenses and the ordinary expenses that personal injury and wrongful death victims fall behind on when accidents or tragedy happen. Lawsuit funding tries to bridge the gap between lawsuit and case settlement or resolution; legal finance companies do not need credit checks. Lawsuit finance companies look for solid personal injury cases with a reasonable chance of success.

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