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Texan Teacher Allegedly Directed Students to Attack Classmate

January 30, 2014

In Houston, Texas, an elementary school teacher allegedly instructed students in her class to beat a girl in their classroom.

The girl’s mother has filed a lawsuit against the teacher and others. The named defendants include the former school principal, Victor Nash, along with two teachers, Katrina Burnside and Nichole Hines.

The young victim was in the first grade when the incident took place in May of 2010. Allegedly, classmates severely beat the young girl while their teacher looked on. She was beaten so badly that she still requires ongoing inpatient mental health assistance and has difficulty dealing with the trauma.

Evidently, the victim had always struggled with cognitive issues and mental retardation. Her school’s environment was known to be hostile to children with behavioral issues. If a child did not understand something and/or misbehaved, he or she needed violent physical “discipline” to learn the lesson.

The young girl was trapped in a classroom of students with adult teachers who regularly incited other children to “discipline” such pupils. The evidence at trial targeted Nicohle Hines as the worst offender.

The school itself has been closed, and its teachers have been transferred to other locations. In the wake of this incident, it appears that neither Hines nor Burnside have been offered continued employment.

The mother’s lawsuit will eventually make its way through the courts. In the meantime, she will face ongoing medical expenses for rehabilitative therapies to help her daughter cope with mental anguish. This could prove a huge financial burden for the family, forcing them search for enough money to pay for regular expenses in addition to their medical bills.

Families with young children and/or children with disabilities are often pushed to their financial limits in ordinary circumstances. The added expense of mental health counselling could make their financial picture very bleak.

Such a family may wish to investigate litigation funding (also called pre-settlement funding or lawsuit cash advances). Litigation funding offer money to cash-strapped plaintiffs, allowing them to take care of their pressing bills. The relief of that burden lets them move forward with their lives and wait the necessary time that their case needs for resolution.

While a lawsuit cash advance is not for every plaintiff, many may find it an appealing option. The biggest benefit? Should a qualified plaintiff lose his or her case in court, he or she keeps the litigation funding, no strings attached.

Plaintiffs may wish to explore litigation funding among their options. It could well prove a saving grace in a difficult financial situation.

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