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We provide immediate cash advances for lawsuit funding during pre-settlement. Use our simple 3 Step ‘Flashcash’ process to obtain cash for litigation funding in as little as
2 days with no risk.


Lawsuit Funding from Litigation Funding Corp. The leading provider of litigation financing and plaintiff funding.

Don’t settle for pennies on the dollar. Call 1-866-LIT-FUND now! Let us provide your litigation financing so litigation can provide a fair settlement.

Litigation Funding provides funding to plaintiffs so litigation can run its course. You don’t need to agree to an unfair settlement because you need money now. Let Litigation Funding Corp balance the inequities between you and the insurance company.

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The Litigation Funding Corporation legal team is the most experienced group of legal funding consultants in the marketplace. As a public service to you and your attorney, we want you to know the top ten things you must consider when seeking lawsuit cash funding:

1. Why do you need the money? Ask yourself this question before you seek funding. Our legal cash advances are non-recourse; you don’t pay them back if you lose your case. Because the money is free if you lose; it is often more expensive than traditional financing, when you win your case.

If you don’t need the money to keep a roof over your head, to feed your family or make medical payments, or for other important needs, or, if you have other immediate sources of revenue, you should reconsider seeking a lawsuit cash advance.

2. Is there potential for the legal funding to increase the value of the funded case? Litigation funding is really a strategic tool. If you are financially stressed, you are not a positive influence on settlement negotiations. Financial problems may cause you to consider or accept a low ball offer; your attorney may tell you your case is worth more, much more. Don’t settle your case case for chump change; a timely lawsuit cash advance may prevent you from settling too early and too cheaply. Don’t give away valuable settlement dollars to the insurance company; get all the money you deserve.

If you are about to accept a low ball settlement offer because you need immediate lawsuit cash now, stop! Don’t settle your valuable case for pennies on the dollar. Call 1-866-LITFUND (548-3863) and get the cash you need now and settle your case for the cash you deserve, later.

3. Does the approved or suggested lawsuit funding fit comfortably into the projected value of the case? It’s extremely important you deal with an experienced lawsuit funding company (Litigation Funding Corporation is one of the most experienced companies in the industry).

You need to do business with a company that won’t over-fund your case. Even more importantly, you need to do business with a company that promises compromised results if your case does worse than expected. Litigation Funding Corporation is one of the very few companies with the expertise and sense of justice to promise both.

4. Does the lawsuit finance company have a “hands-off” policy regarding the case management process? The pursuit of your case litigation, strategy, negotiations, trial preparation, settlement and decisions, etc, belongs to you and your attorney. You should never be discussing case strategy with a legal finance company. If you or your attorney find yourselves answering to a lawsuit finance company about these things, you have chosen the wrong company.

This is one of the key differences between a trial lawyer-owned company and a financial industry-owned company. Litigation Funding Corporation is trial lawyer-owned and operated. Our CEO has represented injured and disabled clients and cares that their litigation goes well for them.

5. Does the lawsuit funding company provide its funds contingent upon the outcome of the litigation? Make sure your funding is classified as “non-recourse” or, contingent upon the outcome of your litigation. If the case fails, there should be no repayment required. You keep our lawsuit cash without obligation to repay.

Your credit rating isn’t an issue, as there are no credit checks and no monthly payments to make. No payment of any kind is required until the funded case is successfully resolved.

6. Does the legal finance company provide a profit cap on its investment? Very few lawsuit financial companies provide capped funding. Many legal funding companies charge “front-end” broker and other administrative fees along with monthly “interest”, compounded monthly. These charges, aside from being confusing, do not stop!

If the litigation takes a long time to resolve, these charges will cost a fortune. It’s important to consider a company that does not charge confusing, monthly “interest” formulas and has no “up-front” charges of any kind.

You want a simple formula, capped funding, so that you know, in advance, the maximum amount you need to pay back out of case proceeds. And, you want the guarantee of a case appropriate compromise if and when you need it. With Litigation Funding Corporation, you get both.

7. Does the lawsuit financing company have the experience necessary to appropriately assist you through the legal funding process? The legal finance industry has experienced explosive growth over the past few years. There literally hundreds of companies that call themselves “lawsuit funding” companies or companies featuring some variation of “litigation funding”, “legal finance” and “lawsuit finance.”

You’ll encounter significant differences in legal funding and legal experience that other company principals bring to the lawsuit finance marketplace. Litigation Funding Corporation is run by the industry expert; one of the most experienced providers of lawsuit funding in the marketplace today.

8. Do Not Apply With Multiple Companies At the Same Time. If you do, you’ll have several companies contacting your attorney, asking for the same information. This will drive your attorney crazy! Litigation Funding Corporation has the expertise to assist you. If we are unable to help you, we’ll forward our records to any other company you choose.

9. Be Patient, But Expect Fast Service. Litigation Funding Corporation may have you approved and funded in as little as 24-48 hours from the time we receive your case information from your attorney.

Attorneys are busy, and it may take time for us to get the case documentation we need to review your file. Obviously, it’s important for you to gain your attorney’s cooperation.

10. Communicate With Your Attorney and Let Him/Her Know You are Pursuing a Lawsuit Cash Advance. It’s important you tell your attorney s/he is about to receive a request for imformation from a lawsuit financing company. We must obtain and review case documentation (medical records, complaint, police report, etc.) to approve your funding.

If we can’t get this documentation, your application will be denied. Let your lawyer know how badly you need the money and get assurance that s/he will cooperate with our extremely easy process and forward the necessary case records.

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