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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

Complete the online application or call us, toll free, from anywhere in the US, at 1-866-LITFUND (548-3863).

How much will it cost?

It costs nothing to apply and there are no fees charged unless you win your case. If you lose your case, you keep our money, free of charge, and never have to pay us back. If you win your case, you will repay the flat fee amount due under the terms of your contract, but you will get a rebate if you settle early and a fair compromise if your settlement is disappointing.

How long does it take?

With attorney cooperation, we may have you funded within 48 hours of your initial application.

What is the schedule of payments?

You don’t have to pay any payments. Just pay your pre-determined lump sum at the time of settlement or keep our money, free of charge, if you lose your case.

What do I owe if I lose my case?

Zero, Nada, Nothing! You don’t owe a dime unless you settle or win your case!

Do I qualify if my credit is bad?

You qualify if you have a qualifying case and a good attorney handling your case. Your good credit or bad credit does not matter to us. All we care about is your case.

Do I need to have a good reason to ask for lawsuit cash funding?

Yes, absolutely, you should have a good reason to ask. If you don’t need the money to keep a roof over your head, to feed your family or make medical payments, or have other important needs, or, if you have other immediate sources of revenue, you should not seek a lawsuit cash advance.

Will getting this money increase the value of my case?

It might. If you are about to take a ridiculously low offer to settle because you desperately need cash, don’t settle your valuable case for pennies on the dollar. Call 1-866-LITFUND (548-3863) and get the cash you need now and settle your case for the cash you deserve, later.

Does getting litigation funding mean the finance company is involved in my case?

No. The pursuit of your case litigation, strategy, negotiations, trial preparation, settlement and decisions, etc, belongs to you and your attorney.

Do you give me money depending on the outcome of my case?

No. Your funding is “non-recourse”, this means that repayment hinges on the outcome of your litigation. If your case fails, there is no repayment. You keep the money without obligation to repay.

Litigation Funding