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Salmonella in Alfalfa Sprouts Sickens 22 in 10 States

Unless you grow your own food, you must purchase it at a local store. Lately, it’s becoming difficult to trust the supposedly fresh fruits and veggies on store shelves. That’s what happened in this case – salmonella contaminated alfalfa sprouts made under the Caldwell Fresh Foods, California Exotic, and Nature’s Choice brands, reached the market and caused havoc across the country.

Ten states reports salmonella Newport infections; there were no deaths, but six people were hospitalized. The manufacturer promptly recalled the tainted sprouts sold at Wal-Mart and Trader Joe’s stores as well as those sent to restaurants. Salmonella may cause serious, possibly fatal infections in young and senior populations, as well as in those with weak immune systems. Even healthy people often need medical treatment for these infections. s

The CDC is taking a hard look into how the alfalfa was contaminated. In the meantime, those individuals who had to be hospitalized will likely consult with product liability lawyers. The law requires that consumers be able to rely on the products it uses, and punishes manufacturers who breach this requirement. When those products harm the public, the perpetrators of this harm may be held responsible for damages. Salmonella poisoning can result in serious illness or death, prompting personal injury litigation or wrongful death litigation.

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