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Off duty cop may spend 28-years in prison

November 24, 2012

It’s nice to know that the law is not above the law. This case demonstrates that.

A recent case out of Chicago is notable for its unusual feature: it involved an off-duty Chicago cop. According to the police report, an officer, Joseph Frugoli, was driving on the freeway, completely inebriated. Frugoli lost control of his vehicle and slammed into a car that was disabled by the side of the road. Frugoli then extricated himself from his own vehicle and started walking away from the scene, without stopping to render aid, call for help or first checking on the two young men in the disabled vehicle he had hit — 23-year-old Andrew Casares and 21-year-old Fausto Manzera. The two men died.

Frugoli was chased down while attempting to leave the scene of the accident, and subsequently charged with two counts of aggravated DUI. If he is convicted in court, he may face up to 28-years in jail – a sentence which may appeal to the families of the two dead men, but will not bring them back.

The families will most likely seek expert legal counsel to find out what they need to know about filing a wrongful death lawsuit against Frugoli. This is not necessarily a step the families take out of revenge, but rather as one they may hope makes an example of the man, and stop something like this happening to other families. Frugoli broke the law when he decided to drink and drive, and exacerbated the situation when he fled the scene.

The families of Mr. Casares and Mr. Manzera may need the assistance of an emergency lawsuit loan to help tide them over until their cases are heard, or settled out of court. To apply for litigation funding, the plaintiffs will need to provide the details of their case, which is then assessed on the chances of it winning in court. If the
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Wrong-Way Drunken Driver Kills Two

November 23, 2012

A drunken driver went the wrong way on the road, killing himself and an innocent person.

“A passenger from that night is pointing the blame on the bar where she and her friend had been drinking that night. Even though the woman said they were both drunk when they left the establishment, she suggests the security at the bar was at fault for not taking their keys away,” explained Darren Monroe of Litigation Funding Corporation, Michigan.

The man and woman were, by all counts, inebriated when they left the bar and got into the man’s car. They then drove in the wrong direction, which put them on the course of a head-on collision with another car. Two people died — the driver of the other car, and the allegedly drunken driver. The only survivor was the man’s companion, the female passenger, who was later quoted as saying the accident would never have happened if bar security had locked them up for public intoxication.

“That remark did not go over well with the dead man’s family, who replied that the fact they were both drunk and driving the wrong way could never be erased. Shifting fault to someone else for their utter lack of responsibility shocked the family, who may be consulting a wrongful death lawyer about the death of their son,” said Monroe.

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Exploding Toilet Causes Severe Wounds

November 16, 2012

As funny as it sounds at first flush, it was an extremely serious incident.

“This case is definitely strange,” said Darren Monroe of Litigation Funding Corporation, Michigan. “And not only strange, it makes you chuckle, until you find out that the extent of this man’s penetrating wounds required more than 25 stitches.”

The back story of this $5 million lawsuit is about a supposedly unique toilet, called the Flushmate III. Apparently, the Flushmate III is designed to use water and air to create a more powerful flush, and while it may well flush powerfully, it apparently also sometimes explodes. While there is no count of how many toilets failed on their own, without an occupant on-board, there are currently 14 reports of impact and laceration injuries caused by the toilet exploding. This looks to be a defective product lawsuit seeking class-action status. “Overall, more than 300 of these biffies have burst,” added Monroe.

Of interest, the Flushmate III toilets were part of a recall; the company that made them has offered to send customers free repair kits. Unfortunately, it appears that the kits do not address what makes the toilets explode, which left customers fixing the toilets themselves or hiring outside help to do so. The badly injured individuals, the ones requiring stitches and suffering painful wounds from shattered porcelain piercing their buttocks and other private parts, now face serious medical bills.

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Elderly woman killed in pedestrian accident

November 15, 2012

Even crossing in a designated crosswalk can result in sudden death to a pedestrian.

An 81-year-old woman in San Jose was hit by a car as she was crossing an avenue. Emergency response crews pronounced her death at the scene. The police managed to apprehend the driver of the vehicle involved in the accident, but there are still details to be investigated. While the driver has cooperated with the police, many questions remain as they have been unable to locate eyewitnesses. Did the woman step off the curb in front of the car? Was the driver speeding? Was there a clearly marked crosswalk?

The woman’s family may choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit, and will likely need an infusion of cash to be able to meet all of their financial obligations while waiting for a trial. Cases such as this may be settled out of court, but to ensure a fair settlement or jury award, they still need to be represented. To obtain a lawsuit loan, the family members can apply to a litigation funding company, either online, or by making a call. It is an easy process to apply and very user friendly. The people who handle lawsuit loan applications understand that the plaintiffs are under stress and typically treat applicants with great courtesy and respect. Applicants need only to provide case details and the name of the attorney handling their case. From there, the lawsuit loan company processes the forms, and then quickly sends the amount projected for a settlement directly to the plaintiff’s bank. Typically, this happens within 24 to 48 hours.

Plaintiffs do not need to be working when they apply, make any upfront payments, or monthly payments, or go through a credit check. If they lose their case in court, they keep the money, free and clear. Often this lawsuit loan is a much-needed Godsend for financially desperate plaintiffs. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Daren Monroe writes for Litigation Funding Corp. To learn more about lawsuit funding and litigation funding, visit Litigationfundingcorp.com.

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