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August 31, 2010

In this automobile accident case, a 19-year old young man was the passenger in a car, driven by a drunk driver, who slammed the vehicle, head-on, into a utility pole. The young victim was paralyzed from the chest down and sustained a head injury so bad that it destroyed his pituitary gland, leaving him with a permanently elevated body temperature and a host of ancillary and serious medical problems.
The drunk driver was a friend to the victim. The jury awarded $33 million in the case; it is unclear how much of the verdict is actually collectible.

This young man could have easily applied for and received lawsuit funding. This pre-settlement funding costs nothing unless and until you win your case. The application for what some call a “lawsuit loan” is free; you may apply for a lawsuit cash advance online, at the litigation funding website, or call the company directly. There are no upfront fees and no monthly payments

With your important bills and expenses paid with the help of a legal finance company, the plaintiff does not have to take an inadequate settlement offer from an insurance company. Early insurance company offers are quite low and they stay that way until you and your attorney show the insurance company that you mean business and are willing, if necessary, to go to trial to achieve justice. With your important bills and expenses paid with litigation funding, you have the luxury to turn down those low offers and patiently await a fair offer or verdict in the case.

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Boy Who Jumped Out of Truck Gets $26M

August 29, 2010

When two young boys asked for a ride in a truck, one ended up a quadriplegic. The other was severely injured.

This whole story actually started when two young boys asked a friend of theirs if they could have a ride in the back of his truck. Dillon Elkins, who was ten at the time of the incident in 2003, thought it would be fun to hitch a ride in the back. The truck’s owner, Robert Murchison who was 18 years old, first said no to the request. He didn’t want the two young boys in the back.

For some reason, Murchison changed his mind and said they could have a ride in the back of his truck if they agreed to jump out if they saw any police officers. “Off they went and were having a good time. A little later in the trip, Murchison passed a patrol car at which point he supposedly yelled to the two boys that they better jump out. Dillon did jump. The result of that decision was catastrophic brain injury which left him a spastic quadriplegic,” explained Daren Monroe, who writes for Litigation Funding Corporation, Southfield, Michigan.

The boy’s mom sued Murchison alleging he was negligent in letting the boys ride in the back of his truck and then telling them to jump out. “In other words, he should have known better than to tell a 10-year-old boy to jump out of the back of a moving truck,” added Monroe. The defense in this case presented the argument that the boys had gone into the back of the truck on the quiet, not telling the owner, and that Dillon just jumped out. “The jury wasn’t too impressed with that argument and awarded $32 million to Dillon, but also reduced that award by 20% because of his comparative negligence (jumping out of a moving truck),” Monroe commented.

The mom may have been interested to know that she could have applied for something called pre-settlement funding. It would not have been difficult to access. All she would have needed to do was to either call the litigation funding company directly or apply online for a lawsuit loan. There is no cost to apply for this type of lawsuit cash advance and if the applicant is eligible, the funds arrive within 48 hours by check or by wire.

“Applicants do not have to go through a credit check and they don’t need to have a job to apply. In addition, they are not expected to make monthly payments nor are there any upfront fees when they apply for a lawsuit loan,” said Monroe. This is a no hassle method to obtain pre-settlement funding that may be put in the bank immediately and used to pay medical and other bills, including the usual monthly payments many people have, like the mortgage and car loan payments.

Litigation funding is cash given in advance of an expected settlement and it allows the plaintiff to hold on until they get genuine justice. They do not have to accept any lowball offers from insurance companies.

To learn more about lawsuit funding and litigation funding, visit https://www.litigationfundingcorp.com/.

Dental Malpractice Ruins Bite: Dentist Pays

August 26, 2010

In this case, the plaintiff sued his dentist because he lost his bite. This saga began in 2007, when the man had permanent crowns placed on his teeth. Shortly after the procedure, he began to suffer from continuous headaches and had a great deal of difficulty chewing. He went to several other dentists to find out what the problem was; he eventually had new permanent crowns put on his upper teeth by another dentist in 2009. The replacement crowns cured his headaches and restored his bite.

As a result of two years of “biting” hassles, the man sued the original dentist, indicating that he was negligent in placing the crowns, and causing his teeth to be thrown out of alignment. The defendant dentist argued that the man did not complete his prescribed course of treatment, and, if he had, he wouldn’t have suffered the headaches or the bite issues. The jury didn’t agree and rendered a verdict of $297,000.

Three years is a long time to wait for justice and to recover enough money to pay for dental expenses, medications and other costs related to the first placement of permanent crowns. In discussions with his personal injury attorney, the plaintiff in this case may have paid for additional care and treatment by applying for pre-settlement funding. Periods of time off work could have led to financial difficulties, and, again, lawsuit funding could have assisted with late mortgage, credit card, or car payments, preventing financial desperation to cause him to settle his case too early for too little.

A ‘lawsuit loan’ would have let him get on with his life, pay his bills and let him turn down low offers from insurance companies. The greatest advantage of a lawsuit cash advance is leverage against the insurance company; legal finance services are easy and free to apply for. There are no upfront fees and no monthly payments to make.

Lawsuit finance is money sent to the plaintiff in advance of their expected verdict or settlement and it does not have to be paid back until the case resolves successfully; if the case fails, the money is yours to keep, free of charge. Thus, legal funding is, absolutely, a no risk proposition. Lawsuit funding is a hassle free way to keep on paying the bills and still be able to live your life without wondering where the next dollar will come from to pay those expenses.

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Infected Bed Sore Causes Elderly Woman’s Death

August 23, 2010

This case went to trial in Sacramento, California and resulted in a jury award of $29.1 million. The daughter of the elderly woman who died brought this suit against a local nursing home.

In March of 2005, the 79-year old woman slipped and fell while in the home’s care. She died in a hospital on October 7th, 2010. Her daughter filed a wrongful death suit that stated the nursing home had not properly treated or monitored her mother’s hip, nor dealt with her bed sores. The reason? Allegedly, the nursing home was grossly understaffed. Were the owners of the home were more interested in profits than adequate patient care?

The bed sore developed because the woman, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s, was not repositioned, regularly, as required in situations like this. This was a tough elder abuse wrongful death case and the daughter waited a long time for justice. She did not have to wait alone, struggling financially. Cases like this one are excellent candidates for a lawsuit cash advance.
A pre-settlement funding application is easy and may be done by phone or done online; whichever works best for the plaintiff. Litigants do not have to pay upfront fees or make monthly payments. It is no hassle litigation funding and it arrives within 24-48 hours after the application has been approved.

The strategic advantage of a ‘lawsuit loan’ is that it provides the plaintiff the financial strength to await for a reasonable offer from the insurance company or defendant. That means the ability to refuse all low ball settlement offers on cases worth much more than the insulting offer.

Lawsuit funding
is used by most people to pay their medical bills, other costs related to their situation, and ordinary but important bills and expenses that accumulate because of injury and/or disability. Repayment is contingent upon case outcome; if you lose the case, you do not have to pay the money back. Thus, this is no-risk legal finance.

Automatic Door Goes Haywire: Senior Citizen Seriously Injured

August 21, 2010

A well known mechanical door maker and Target Corporation were ordered to pay $7 million to an 81 year old woman who was injured in a Target store when the automatic door went haywire, knocked her to the ground and caused a serious traumatic brain injury.

The woman was walking into her local Target store and just as she got through the entrance, the door closed before she was through the door; she was knocked over and hit her head on the ground when she fell. The door continued to open and close, hitting her in the head as it did. She suffered brain damage resulting in cognitive deficits and was admitted to a nursing home because of her injuries.

Before she was injured, she was living with on a fixed income and was a care-giver to her 59 year old, ‘special needs’ daughter.

This was a troubling case; it effected an entire family, since the mother had to be admitted to a nursing home and could not care for herself or the daughter who had relied on her. The cost of a nursing home is high; a lawsuit takes a long time to resolve. This family may have turned to litigation funding to survive while the case was pending. A lawsuit cash advance would have assisted with important household bills, the medical and nursing home expenses, and kept the family afloat, financially.

Applying for a ‘lawsuit loan’ is easy, and there is no cost to apply for legal finance. All the applicant needs to do is call the lawsuit funding company, or fill out an online application.

Once a litigant is approved, the fast cash legal funding is sent to them via wire or check.
With finances under control, the litigant and his/her family has the luxury of waiting out the system and forcing the insurance company to make them a fair and equitable offer. Lawsuit financing can increase the results in your case by giving you the staying power to hold out for fair compensation. There is no credit check, you don’t need to be employed to qualify, there are no upfront fees and you do not have to make any monthly payments. It’s a no hassle way to secure a lawsuit cash advance and get all the money you deserve.

As for the door manufacturer and Target stores, hopefully the jury sent them a loud and clear message about entrance door maintenance and safety.

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Job Site Amputation Results in Sizeable Compensation

August 19, 2010

This seriously injured victim was at work one day, on a construction site, when he got his fingers caught between an electrical panel and a conduit that was sticking up out of the ground. It appears that someone else, another worker, tipped the 1,000 pound electrical panel on him without checking the weight of it, nor warning him how heavy it could be. His case has resolved for $450,000.

Obviously, this construction site accident victim was expertly represented by a competent personal injury lawyer; while waiting for his case to resolve, he was, most likely, even with workers’ compensation benefits, short on his monthly bills and expenses. His solution for this financial issue would have been a service called litigation funding. This is a lawsuit cash advance, money that would have helped him get through some tough financial times while he was off work and recovering from having his fingers re-attached. We don’t know whether he has been able to return to work, or not. Settlements or verdicts need to consider the effect an injury has on a worker’s ability to return to work in the future, as well as any wage loss suffered up to the time of case resolution. Large verdicts are often not the “jackpots” that insurance industry crackpots claim them to be. The wool is often being pulled over the public’s eyes in this regard.

Pre-settlement funding is an innovative and timely service for those who are in a financial bind as the result of being injured by the negligence of another. While a ‘lawsuit loan’ is not for everyone, a large number of people find that it is just what they need to be able to pay their bills and then be able to wait for a decent settlement; not a cheap offer from an insurance company.

The real beauty of lawsuit financing is that once the person is approved for the legal finance advance, the money arrives fast; usually within 24-48 hours. It’s usually sent by the quickest route possible; either by check or wire. Once the plaintiff has those funds in hand, he or she may immediately pay his/her medical bills and other pressing monthly expenses.

When someone applies for a lawsuit cash advance all they need to do is to answer some questions about their case and fill out an application form. It costs nothing to apply for litigation funding and the person making the application does not need to be employed, as many victims of accidents typically don’t have jobs after being badly injured.

A personal injury plaintiff does not have any upfront fees to pay; there are no monthly payments. If a litigation finance company asks for money to fill out the application form, or suggests there are upfront fees to use its service or requires monthly payments on your lawsuit cash advance, just say ‘no’ and move on to another lawsuit funding company.

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Hit and Run Accident Kills Biker

August 14, 2010

A biker lost control of his ride and veered into oncoming traffic. He was hit by an SUV.

John Longman didn’t think his day was going to be any different than the other days of his motorcycle trip with friends. He was riding in a cluster of ten cycles on Highway 80 just outside of Des Moines, Iowa, when for some reason he lost control of his ride and wound up in a lane of oncoming traffic. As the bike was spinning out of control, he fell off it and was hit by a white SUV. When EMS crews got to the scene, Longman was dead.

Unfortunately, the SUV left the scene of the accident and the police report indicated the driver may not have known they hit someone. “While it might seem hard to believe, the SUV hit a person and not another vehicle, which may not have registered with the driver as anything other than a bump in the road,” stated Daren Monroe, who writes for Litigation Funding Corporation, Southfield, Michigan.

One thing is for certain, the SUV would not have sustained much damage in the incident. The police are making every effort to track down the SUV driver.

“There are a whole slew of unanswered questions here, but the major ones would involve how fast the white SUV was traveling, whether or not they were paying attention to what they were doing, how could they have missed the fact they hit a person, and why they left the scene of the accident,” Monroe commented.

The Longman family may well want to talk to a motorcycle accident attorney about this situation and find out what their rights are, and how to recover compensation for the loss of their loved one. It will likely be a long case in the winning and they might want to discuss pre-settlement funding with a litigation funding company.

A lawsuit cash advance would help the family pay any expenses related to the accident and take care of their regular bills, like the mortgage and car payments. “In the meantime, the lawsuit funding could be tucked away in the bank within about 48 hours of applying for it and being approved. Litigation funding is provided in advance of any settlement or verdict and lets the plaintiff wait for a fair and equitable settlement and not have to settle for a pittance from the insurance company,” suggested Monroe.

Lawsuit funding is easy to apply for and may be done online or by phone. The plaintiff does not have to pay any upfront fees or monthly payments, and they don’t have to go through a credit check either. Lawsuit financing is becoming an excellent resource for cash strapped plaintiffs (who qualify) with no other way to pay their bills.

To learn more about lawsuit funding and litigation funding, visit https://www.litigationfundingcorp.com/.

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Restaurant Agrees to Pay Large Settlement in Trip and Fall Case

August 12, 2010

It’s always a good idea to watch where you’re going, but in some cases, you don’t anticipate a problem.

When you go to a restaurant, you are looking forward to enjoying a meal, the chance to have someone else cook and clear the table and do the dishes. You don’t go thinking you should be watching where you are walking. Unfortunately, in this case, Deborah Scofield tripped and fell on a hump in the floor she was walking on while at an Applebee’s restaurant. She hadn’t seen the bump in the floor, so it came as a major shock when she tripped and fell, fracturing her foot and injuring her knee.

On the surface, the accidental fall seemed to be fairly minor. The actual medical diagnosis was not minor in the least. Both of Scofield’s injuries required surgery and the worst of it was that a year and a half after the fall, she presented with lower back pain. An MRI revealed a disc extrusion, another result of her fall, and she needed yet another surgery at L5-S1 – a hemilaminectomy and discectomy.

The defense in this case argued her back injury was pre-existing and that the action should not succeed. The plaintiff prevailed and was on the way to court when Applebees settled for $935,000 the day before the case was slated to start. As you may gather, this is an excellent case that shows why you should never sign off on an injury claim with an insurance company until you know the exact extent of your injuries.

This case initially happened in 2007 and it’s taken three years for it to be resolved. In the meantime, Ms. Scofield might have been well served if she had applied for litigation funding. This is a service offered to plaintiffs who need money immediately to handle their staggering medical bills and other expenses that keep on keeping on, even though they are laid up. A lawsuit cash advance is easy to apply for and it doesn’t cost a penny to fill out the application form.

There are no upfront fees involved when a plaintiff fills out an application for pre-settlement funding and they will not be expected to pay monthly fees either. This is a no hassle and very fast way to secure cash for an eligible plaintiff to handle their immediate financial problems as a result of their injuries.

Pre-settlement funding is often referred to as litigation funding and the main benefit, aside from being able to pay pressing bills, is that once the fast cash arrives and is put in the bank, the plaintiff can sit tight and turn down ridiculous offers from insurance companies.

Daren Monroe writes for Litigation Funding Corp. To learn more about lawsuit funding and litigation funding, visit Litigationfundingcorp.com.

Sweatshirts Pose Strangulation Risk

August 7, 2010

While it may be hard to fathom how a sweatshirt with ties can cause strangulation, Gogo Sports has recently recalled (voluntarily) a line of children’s sweatshirts with drawstrings for that very reason. The product safety commission announced the recall in late April 2010; it affects about 2,400 garments (made in China). There have been no reported injuries to date, but no one is certain if everyone who bought one of their shirts is aware of this recall.

The sweatshirts are zippered and hooded and sold in sizes XS to 3XL and come in two styles: HKK and JMK. The HKK come in a variety of colors, while the JMK is black only. The shirts have various city names on the front of them and some have a removable hood with elastic or retractable drawstrings. These items were sold in clothing stores in New Mexico, Colorado, Hawaii and California from January 2008 to December 2009. The maker suggests the drawstrings be removed immediately.

Chances are there will be a lot of people who won’t heed a warning like this and just continue to wear the garment complete with the drawstrings. If someone is seriously injured as the result of this defect, the manufacturer and others involved in its commerce may be liable. A product liability attorney can help you determine your rights in these situations.

If an attorney is retained and a case is pursued in court, it may take some time to get through the courts or be settled. If money is an issue for the family and they don’t know where their next dollar is coming from, they might want to take advantage of lawsuit funding.

Litigation funding is a service which offers people who have filed personal injury lawsuits the chance to apply for a needed portion of their expected settlement amount in advance of case resolution. Pre-settlement funding lets them handle all their bills right away and still have some left to pay the “usual” expenses, like car payments, tuition or the mortgage. So, no need to settle your valuable case for pennies on the dollar because the insurance company is putting the squeeze on you; access legal finance services for cash now, when you need it most.

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Fitness Inversion Bench May Fall and Cause Injury

August 6, 2010

This product recall was triggered due to inversion benches falling over. The specific brands are Nordic Track Revitalize, Weider Club Inversion benches and Gold’s Gym benches. It seems that the unit’s ankle clamps were releasing unexpectedly or a strap, designed to limit rotation, would break, causing users to fall. Approximately 33,000 units were recalled for this defect.

ICON Health and Fitness received 75 incident reports; 23 of them resulting in injuries. The items recalled included the Nordic Track Revitalize Inversion Bench 2.0 model 831.14895.0, Gold’s Gym Inversion System models GGBE0867.0 and GGCCBE0867.0 and Weider Club Inversion System model WEBE0878.0. The model number is under the backrest of the bench.

This equipment was sold through Walmart, Sears and other sporting goods stores across the nation, from April 2008 until February 2009. Anyone that has one of the model numbers listed above should stop using the equipment and get a free repair kit for ICON Fitness & Health.

While the response to the injury reports appeared to be prompt, many consumers will be caught, unaware that there is a problem. If a consumer is hurt using this equipment, the manufacturer may be held responsible, under product liability theories, for their injuries. The primary reported injuries have been to the head and neck; these can range from minor to very serious, results are hard to predict; short term or long term care, life altering injuries or permanent disability could result.

Anyone seriously injured using this defective equipment may wish to file a product liability lawsuit; after retaining an experienced attorney and filing suit, victims may also wish to make inquiries about accessing lawsuit funding. A lawsuit cash advance is fast money that is “advanced” prior to a settlement or verdict. A victim would often get the money by wire or check and usually within 48 hours or less.

The main advantage of pre-settlement funding is that it lets the victim(s) settle their urgent bills right away; things like medical expenses, mortgage, school tuition or car payments. Once these matters are taken care of they only have to wait for a fair and equitable resolution to their case. With legal finance advances, the money does not need to be paid back if the case is lost.

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