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Trip and Fall Accident Kills 82-Year-Old Woman

July 17, 2018

An elderly Texas woman fell on an uneven sidewalk, causing her break her neck.

Two weeks prior to the 82-year-old woman dying on October 19, 2016, she was walking on the sidewalk outside a local restaurant when she tripped and fell face-first. As a result, she broke her neck, and sustained partial paralysis and other serious injuries, which required extensive surgery.

The woman’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit alleging the restaurant was negligent in failing to maintain its premises and warn customers of an allegedly dangerous uneven sidewalk. The complaint states that the woman’s injuries ultimately contributed to her death.

The wrongful death lawsuit may take several years to reach a resolution – in an out of court settlement or possible jury verdict. Should there be no other financial help available for the family, the plaintiffs may wish to consider applying for litigation funding.

Litigation funding, also referred to as a “lawsuit loan,” assists financially struggling plaintiffs with paying medical bills, utility bills, rent or mortgage, and funeral and burial costs. Pre-settlement funding also allows their attorney time to build a case.

Getting a lawsuit loan approved is not based on the plaintiffs’ financial situation but rather the merits of the case. Applying for litigation funding is an easy process via phone or an online application. Once funds are approved, the cash can be received within 24 – 48 hours. Litigation Funding Corporation does not require you to repay the loan unless the case is settled or won.

For further information or to see if your case qualifies for litigation funding, call Litigation Funding Corporation at 1-866-548-3863.

Cruise Ship Passenger Files Lawsuit Alleging Negligence Led to Fall Injuries

April 11, 2017

It’s unfortunate, but accidents and injuries are common among passengers on their cruise vacation. The most common injuries on a cruise ship involves people who have slipped or tripped and fell. Injuries can range from broken arms and legs to more serious head, neck and brain injuries often resulting in lost wages, astronomical medical expenses and pain and suffering. Many passengers don’t realize that the cruise line might be liable for injuries sustained.

A cruise ship passenger has filed a lawsuit against Carnival Cruise Lines alleging insufficient measures were taken to prevent injuries after she was struck by a sliding door.

According to the complaint, the plaintiff alleges that on May 13, 2016, she was aboard the cruise ship, Carnival Breeze when a sliding glass door suddenly and unexpectedly closed, striking her. As a result, the passenger said she lost her balance and fell to the ground. Her injuries led to pain and suffering, lost wages and medical expenses. The woman holds Carnival responsible for allegedly failing to properly maintain the sliding door in a reasonably safe condition and failing to warn passengers of the dangerous condition of the sliding door.

The plaintiff requests a trial by jury and seeks damages in excess of the minimum jurisdictional limits of the court.
Simply because someone gets hurt on a cruise ship does not mean that it is necessarily the cruise line’s fault. Understanding the significance of a simple accident and a meritorious legal claim is crucial. Therefore, it is important to seek legal advice from an experienced maritime attorney.

These types of cases are difficult to navigate and cruise lines will vigorously deny and defend the claim. The wheels of justice turn much too slowly, especially for cash-strapped plaintiffs. Litigation funding may be the answer.

With a lawsuit cash advance, plaintiffs can meet financial obligations while the lawsuit winds its way through the courts. Once we received a funding application, we will request some case documentation, evaluate the lawsuit to determine case strength, and if approved, direct deposit or overnight mail funding within 24 – 48 hours. There is no need for a credit check or employment verification. We are only paid when the case settles or results in a favorable verdict. In the event the case is lost, repayment of the cash advance is completely waived.

If you’ve been injured while sailing with Carnival or any cruise line and believe that your injury was sustained due to the negligence of the crew, the cruise line or even a fellow passenger, consult an experienced attorney to know your rights to compensation. If you are strapped for cash, avoid settling your case too early, for too little. Contact Lawsuit Financial or complete our online application and see how our legal finance services can help you with your immediate financial needs.

Guest Claims Hotel Concealed a Hole with Carpet, Leading to Her Fall and Injuries

November 30, 2016

Property owners have a duty to maintain and inspect their premise for problems and to warn of hazardous conditions. If they shirk these responsibilities, owners are responsible for any injuries that occur due to the properties’ hazardous conditions. Injuries sustained due to slips, falls and trips could result in physical, psychological, and financial distress. Litigation funding can ease the financial burden during a pending lawsuit and allow the slip and fall victim to stay the course and receive the compensation deserved.

A woman has filed a lawsuit against a hotel chain, alleging insufficient measures were taken to prevent injuries, liability and negligence. The complaint file earlier this month alleges that the defendant used carpet to conceal a hole in the floor of their property. The plaintiff contends that she sustained physical injuries to her head, body and limbs as a result. She seeks judgment against the defendant in an amount greater than $50,000.

The combination of loss of wages and mounting medical bills can prove financially devastating to the injured and their families, especially when a lawsuit is not quickly resolved. Property owners often deny responsibility by placing the fault on the plaintiff. This common line of defense often results in litigation that can last several years.

Litigation funding is a simple, easy way to get fast cash from your pending slip and fall lawsuit, as long as you have serious injuries and strong case. In fact, we can often put cash in your hands within 24-48. A cash advance can help pay immediate financial obligations such as mortgage/rent, medical bills, car payments, utilities, and food. Applying for funding is quick and easy; it takes less than five minutes to apply, with no credit checks or employment requirements. The money is provided against the expected future settlement; we only expect repayment when you recover damages for your injuries. If you lose your case, you owe us absolutely nothing.

Don’t wait for your premise liability case to settle. Get the cash you deserve today with the help of Litigation Funding Corporation!

Litigation Funding Corporation lends a helping hand when you need it most

February 9, 2015

Personal injuries can be caused by many factors, including auto accidents, medical malpractice, slip and falls, and defective products. Whatever the source of the injury, victims have the right to be compensated for the negligence of others. If the insurance company refuses to meet its obligations to pay, the victim will need to take steps to enforce his/her rights. This begins with consulting an experienced attorney.

Unfortunately, life does not stop because of a pending lawsuit. Medical bills, mortgage payments, car payments, and day-to-day financial obligations all contribute to economic stress, especially if the victim is unable to return to work. Litigation Funding Corporation offers legal finance services as a viable solution to mounting debt and quick access to cash until the case settles.

Litigation funding is a means to bridge the gap between your immediate financial burdens and your future settlement award. At Litigation Funding Corporation, we offer a quick and easy application process. With no upfront fees or monthly payments, you can pay your bills and afford to wait for the settlement you deserve. Once we receive your application and case documentation from your attorney, you will have a decision within 24 – 48 hours. If you accept the funding contract, we can overnight your check or process an electronic bank transfer directly to your bank account. Other perks include no employment verification, no credit checks and no risk to you. If you don’t collect on your lawsuit, you are not obligated to repay the cash advance.

Litigation Funding Corporation is here to help when waiting for your settlement is not an option. Contact us toll-free at 1-866-548-3863 or complete our online application to take the first step in getting your lawsuit cash advance.

Litigation Funding Keeps Justice from Slipping Away

October 7, 2014

Anyone who has been injured in a slip and fall accident because of the negligence of someone else has the right to seek compensation for damages incurred. In order for a plaintiff to have a legitimate case for a slip and fall lawsuit they must prove negligence. This is best achieved through an experienced personal injury attorney, but could take years before a settlement is reached. When the bills continuously pile up, one’s ability to wait for a fair settlement may not be an option without the help of litigation funding.

A woman alleges she was seriously injured when she slipped and fell at an Edwardsville, Illinois restaurant, due to a liquid substance on the floor near the server’s station. The suit alleges negligence for failing to keep patrons safe by allowing the substance to remain on the floor long enough for the woman to slip and fall. The plaintiff seeks more than $50,000 for medical expenses, pain and suffering.

While recovering from her injuries, this woman may be out of work and struggling to stay financial stable. With a lawsuit cash advance, she can pay the mortgage/rent, medical expenses, or any other outstanding bills. There are no restrictions on how the money is spent. Our quick and easy application process would allow her to receive the much needed money in as little as 24 hours. We require no payments until the case settles. If she loses, there is no obligation guarantee to pay us back.

Are you plaintiff in a slip and fall injury lawsuit with debt piling up as you wait on your case to settle? At Litigation Funding Corp., we believe you should not be forced to settle for less than you deserve when our legal funding services could be a valuable asset for you. If financial assistance is what you are searching for, contact Litigation Funding Corp. today or simply complete our fast and easy funding application.

Slip and Fall Accident on Movie Set Causes Serious Injury

July 24, 2010

This slip and fall accident happened on the set of a movie and involved a set of fake trolley tracks. The set of the show “Public Enemies” had a 1930s flavor to it and to that end, there were rubber cobblestones and trolley tracks on location. As a man was crossing the street near the filming location, he stepped on the fake rubber cobblestones, causing his feet to sink into the rubber. At the same time, his left foot got caught under the metal trolley tracks. As he fell, he was severely injured.

After the accident, the man called a personal injury lawyer and filed a lawsuit alleging there were no warning signs, barriers or other caution signs to let people know about the fake stones and the tracks. The lawsuit seeks compensation for permanent physical injuries, which were not specified in the court documents.

This unfortunate victim might want to find out if he is eligible for lawsuit funding. If he is, he would be able to handle his immediate medical expenses, therapy and other costs related to his accident, as well as other financial obligations. Getting approved for a lawsuit cash advance would let him wait for a decent settlement or court verdict instead of having to take the first offer that comes along.
A “lawsuit loan” costs nothing to apply for and if eligible, this plaintiff would get his funds within 24-48 hours by check or wire. He doesn’t need to have a job to apply and doesn’t need to have a credit check done either. The pre-settlement funding is advanced to him based on what his expected court settlement may be. It might be worth his while to do some research into legal finance services

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