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Woman Files Lawsuit Alleging Driver Negligence in Construction Zone Caused Crash

April 6, 2017

A Georgia man cited for a four-vehicle crash in Illinois and ticketed for failure to reduce speed to avoid a crash, now faces a personal injury lawsuit.

According to Illinois State Police, four vehicles were traveling in the left lane at a construction zone on I-64 when Driver A failed to slow for traffic and rear-ended Driver B. Driver B’s vehicle was pushed into Driver C, which then rear-ended Driver D, ultimately resulting in the four-vehicle crash. Driver B sustained seriously injuries and was flown by helicopter to an area hospital. Two passengers in Driver C’s vehicle sustained minor injuries. All vehicles were towed from the scene due to damage.

Recently, Driver B filed a lawsuit against Driver A and his employer for allegedly causing the multi-vehicle crash. According to the suit, Driver B alleges that on May 13, 2016, Driver A failed to properly operate his vehicle and reduce speed while he was acting within the scope of his employment, resulting in a collision. As a result of his negligence, the plaintiff claims she suffered physical injuries, lost wages, and incurred medical expenses.
The plaintiff requests a trial by jury and seeks judgment for an undisclosed amount in damages.

If you suffered a serious injury or lost a loved one in a work zone or construction zone accident, an experienced attorney can make a difference in your case. If you don’t have an attorney, Litigation Funding Corporation can help you find one, within 24 hours, in all 50 states. Once you retain an attorney, the process of collecting evidence and trying to get your life back to normal begins. But, many lawsuits take months, even years to resolve.

Personal injuries resulting from an auto accident both have the potential to exhaust financial resources. Everyday expenses, compounded with medical expenses and lost wages do not stop because you have been seriously injured. For many victims, auto accident litigation funding is not just a good option; it is the only option.

Litigation Funding Corporation is dedicated to helping plaintiffs fight for fair compensation and justice by offering a non-recourse cash advance against a pending lawsuit. This means that funding is completely contingent upon the outcome of the case; repayment is made once the case is won and compensation received.

It is easy to apply for litigation funding either online or by phone. If approved, the cash advance can be available in as little as 24 hours.

Your pain and suffering are more than enough for you to worry about – let us help take care of your bills. Give us a call for a complimentary evaluation of your case. One of our experienced representatives will answer any questions and help you understand the litigation funding process.

Litigation Funding is a Godsend When Running Out of Resources in a Pending Lawsuit

November 22, 2016

Running out of gas can put motorist and their passengers in jeopardy should the vehicle suddenly become immobilized on the roadway; drivers can end up stranded in the middle of a busy highway without the ability to move their vehicle. Being stranded in the middles of the road can result in a serious or fatal multi-car crash.

The North Carolina Highway Patrol reported that a 26-year-old man was killed after his vehicle slammed into a tractor-trailer. According to reports, the semi ran out of fuel and was stalled in the center lane of I-77 in Hunterville. The 26-year-old was traveling at 65 miles per hour when he hit the tractor-trailer. Police believe he didn’t brake and was killed on impact. An investigation is underway, but troopers suspect the man was distracted in some way; there were no skid marks prior to the point of impact.

Although it appears the young driver was distracted, running out of gas is completely avoidable and the truck driver could be held at least partially accountable for the crash. When faced with a complex accident and liability issues, it is important to consult an experienced attorney who will be able to advise the deceased man’s family of their legal rights and options. If a lawsuit is filed and the family needs financial assistance during the pending claim, Litigation Funding Corporation may be able to help. We provide a lawsuit cash advances, without consideration of credit score or employment status.

The first step would be to complete an online funding application. Then, we will work with the plaintiff’s attorney to gather necessary information to process the funding request as quickly as possible. Upon approval, funds can arrive by wire or check within 24-48 hours. While the money can be used at the client’s discretion, it typically helps pay medical expenses, funeral expenses, or important monthly obligations such as mortgage or rent payments and utility bills. This cash advance is not a “lawsuit loan” as it is often called; we are only repaid, if and when the case successfully settles. If the case is lost, the cash advance is waived in its entirety.

Financial relief during the litigation process is only a phone call away. Call Litigation Funding Corporation for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Lawsuit Funding Let’s Plaintiffs Begin Taking Immediate Control Of Their Finances!

November 14, 2016

The litigation process is often quite complex. Plaintiffs wait years for a settlement, and often financial relief. A financially desperate plaintiff is not in a favorable position regarding settlement negotiations; this person will often settle for too little, too soon. For those needing short –term financial assistance, lawsuit funding is a valuable solution.

Lawsuit funding is a cash advance in exchange for a portion of the future proceeds of the case. Securing lawsuit funding can help pay medical bills, mortgage/rent, credit card debt, daily household living expenses, and other out of pocket expenses.

The application takes less than five minutes to complete. Then, we obtain case documentation from the plaintiff’s attorney to make a funding decision. If the case is approved, we can direct deposit or overnight mail the cash advance within 24 – 48 hours. There is no credit check, employment verification, or restrictions on how the money is used and it is only repaid once the claim is settled. If the case is lost, the lawsuit cash advance is waived in its entirety.

Do you have a personal injury lawsuit case pending? Are you in need of fast cash? In the right situation, for the right plaintiff, lawsuit funding is clearly a service that plaintiffs should consider at a strategic time in the litigation. Call Litigation Funding Corporation to learn more.

Lawsuit Alleges Medical Negligence Caused Elderly Woman’s Untimely and Wrongful Death

October 23, 2016

Are you involved in a wrongful death lawsuit or waiting for an expected settlement award? Do you need short term cash to pay your present-day bills or living expenses? Call Litigation Funding Corporation. We may be able to help you leverage your expected settlement with a lawsuit cash advance.

A Texas woman is seeking $5 million in a wrongful death lawsuit against a healthcare provider alleging negligence in the death of her elderly mother.

The 75-year-old woman was admitted to the hospital in August 2015 for symptomatic anemia (shortage of iron), acute gastritis (inflammation or swelling of the stomach lining), COPD exacerbation (shortness of breath) and mild hypokalemia (a low potassium level). After five days, she was discharged, but readmitted eight days later due to shortness of breath. During those eight days, she gained 15 pounds, despite a decrease in appetite, and also showed signs of swelling in her extremities, according to the lawsuit.

The patient was prescribed Lasix to treat fluid retention. If the medication didn’t work, she was to undergo a procedure to remove excess fluid from her chest. According to the suit, the woman did not receive the dosage recommended by the pulmonologist, causing her to suffer dangerous levels of fluid retention. She was transferred to another hospital, but during the transfer another discrepancy occurred in the Lasix orders, according to the claim. At the second hospital, the woman suffered respiratory distress. Despite continuing problems and abnormal lab results, doctors were not notified and her medication was not changed. She was found unresponsive Aug. 28, 2015 and was later pronounced dead.

The lawsuit contends the “volume overload of fluid retention caused her increasing respiratory distress” and made her gain 30 pounds in 18 days. “Left untreated, these conditions caused cardiac arrest and untimely and wrongful death,” the lawsuit states.

There are no words to justify the loss of a loved one caused by the negligence of someone else. A wrongful death lawsuit won’t bring back a loved one, but it can hold the wrongdoer accountable. Reaching a settlement may take years, creating financial hardship for the plaintiff. Litigation funding ensures that your expenses are covered in the interim. Without the pressure to settle, your attorney has time to obtain just compensation.

We know you have a choice of litigation funding companies and are happy to assist you in your time of need. To obtain a lawsuit cash advance in the quickest and easiest way, complete our online contact form. One of our funding representatives will contact you immediately and start the process. Then, we will contact your attorney for case documentation and make a funding decision within 24 – 48 hours. There are no monthly payments; repayment is made directly from the proceeds of the case. If you lose your case, you are not obligated to repay the cash advance.

Alcohol and Speed Probable Cause of Fatal Crash on the LIE

September 29, 2016

Three people died and nearly a dozen others were injured after a multi-vehicle crash on the Long Island Expressway (LIE) in Queens last month.

The initial crash occurred when the 25-year-old driver of a black Infiniti apparently lost control and hit a guardrail around 4:20 a.m. The impact cause the Infiniti to split in half; the front portion landed in one of the lanes of the LIE and was hit by an Acura TL. The driver of the Infiniti and two passengers were ejected from the vehicle. They were pronounced dead at the scene. The two other passengers were transported to an area hospital, one in critical condition. The Acura driver was unharmed.

The fatal crash spawned a chain-reaction pile-up when a dump truck, attempting to avoid the first accident, collided with five other vehicles stopped by the first crash. Several people were injured in that crash.

A preliminary investigation indicated that the Infiniti driver was speeding and lost control of the vehicle. It is unknown whether any of the occupants were wearing seat belts. Alcohol may have also played a role as it was reported that the quintet inside the Infiniti were on their way home after a birthday celebration at Bar Nine in Hell’s Kitchen.

Many factors may have reduced the severity of this crash. For example, investigators will be looking to see if the guardrail was faulty. Guardrails are supposed to be designed to keep drivers and passengers safe in the event of a crash. If a guardrail is able to split a vehicle in two, it may not be designed properly. The second crash may have been due to negligence on the part of the dump truck driver. Was he distracted or speeding?
The details of this fatal crash won’t be known until the investigation is complete. In the meantime, those who lost a loved one will struggle to pick up the pieces and move on. The injured victims may endure months of medical treatment to heal; some may face life-long injuries. An experienced attorney can help the victims understand their litigation options and rights to seek compensation for their loss.

Serious injuries or death in an auto accident can leave victims and their families with serious medical expenses, funeral and burial expenses, income loss, and other expenses. Cases like this take years to settle, especially if it involved proving the government was aware of a significant roadway danger, but failed to fix it. The bar that served the Infiniti driver may also be held accountable. Did bar employees ignore obvious signs of intoxication?

By the time these families are able to see the settlement of their lawsuits, they may have medical bills, funeral expenses, and other bills piled up. Applying for litigation funding is often the perfect solution. Litigation funding is a means of obtaining fast cash when plaintiffs have nowhere else to turn.

Since litigation funding is based on the merit of the case, credit and employment are irrelevant. There are no upfront fees or monthly payments, and the cash advance is only repaid if, and when the case successfully settles. Once approved, funds can be available within 24-48 hours by check or wire.
Call Litigation Funding Corporation if you have been the victim of a drunk or negligent driving accident and experiencing financial hardship. We may be able to provide peace of mind that comes from the assurance that the bills are paid and daily needs are met.

Lawsuit Funding Can Help in Pursuit Of Justice from a Hit-and-Run Accident

August 30, 2016

A Texas man has been hospitalized with life-threatening injuries after a hit-and-run accident over the weekend. According to police, the motorcyclist was traveling through an intersection when a red truck struck him, then fled the scene. The investigation is ongoing; police are asking that anyone with information on this crash to contact Crime stoppers at 806-374-4400.

Hopefully the authorities will find the person responsible for this accident. Meanwhile, the victim will still have to pay his medical expenses and meet other financial obligations. There may be an extra financial burden if he is unable to return to work.

A serious accident like this can lead to inevitable financial costs for the victim, let alone the emotional and psychological trauma that might accompany the accident. Whether or not the victim can pursue the negligent party, because he/she is found, or whether he pursues the case as an uninsured motorist case, if money is tight one solution is to secure lawsuit funding. This is a lawsuit cash advance now in exchange for a portion of the future proceeds of the case. Eligibility is based on a strong case and attorney representation on a contingency basis. If approved for funding, the money can be used to help cover medical expenses, household bills or anything the plaintiff wishes. We do not restrict how the money is used.

Lawsuit funding is available by phone or online, without the need for a credit check, employment verification, or monthly payments. In fact, no payment is made until the case settles. We are only repaid once the case is concluded, either by settlement or otherwise. Repayment is excused if you lose.

Do you have a personal injury lawsuit case pending? Are you in need of fast cash? In the right situation, for the right plaintiff, lawsuit funding is clearly a service that plaintiffs should consider at a strategic time in the litigation. Call Litigation Funding Corporation to learn how a lawsuit cash advance may be able help you seek the justice you deserve.

No Risks Attached with Litigation Funding

April 5, 2016

Does this sound like your situation?

You were seriously injured in an auto accident due to a distracted driver. You were left with serious or debilitating injuries an unable to return to work. You have filed a lawsuit, but the medical bills are piling up, you need to replace your damage vehicle, your credit cards have reached their limits, and you are unable to return to work due to your injuries. You may even find it difficult to put food on the table. The insurance company extended an offer, but it is much less than your attorney says the case is worth. You wait, but the insurance company keeps delaying. You know they are trying to wear you down to accept the inadequate offer. But, how long can you wait. Financially desperate, you are considering taking their offer. Your attorney says to be patient; lawsuits take time, but time is not on your side. What can you do?

Credit Cards
If you have enough credit available, you can certainly charge expenses on your credit cards. But, there is more to it than simply pulling one out of your wallet. There are monthly payments and accumulated interests. The longer it takes to pay of the credit card, the higher the interest and fees. Furthermore, the debt must be paid even if the case is lost.

Traditionally, banks and other financial institutions will not provide a loan against a pending lawsuit. Additionally, the application process is time consuming and requires good credit, employment, and collateral. Even if you are approved, banks require monthly. Again, despite the results of the lawsuit, the plaintiff must repay the bank loan.

Family and Friends
Although you can certainly borrow money from family or friends, this could be a tough option. While it may help you with your immediate financial needs, if you lose your case you may still owe the money borrowed or the inability to repay may damage an important relationship.

Litigation Funding
Litigation funding is a risk-free solution to obtaining fast cash while your lawsuit and/or settlement check is pending. Often times termed as a “lawsuit loan”, this cash advance is one of the safest ways to obtain immediate cash during a pending lawsuit. With this emergency cash advance, a plaintiff can not only pay the bills, but is able to withstand lengthy litigation process needed to receive a larger and fairer settlement. The fees associated with litigation funding will be higher than a traditional bank loan or the interest on credit cards because the lending company assumes all the risks. There are no monthly payments and should you lose your case, there is no obligation to repay the cash advance or associated fees.

If you are currently involved in a personal injury lawsuit, don’t wait another day for the financial relief you need. Call Litigation Funding Corporation if you need “no strings attached” financial support. We can typically make a funding decision within 24 – 48 hours because we approve cases base on case strength alone; your credit standing and employment history are never considered.


Wrongful Death Lawsuit Targets Bar In Drunk Driver Crash

December 1, 2015

With fatal auto accidents, lawsuits are often filed against a negligent driver, but in certain cases, local businesses can also be held liable. For example, a bar can be sued for a wrongful death caused by a drunk driver if there is evidence that the bar illegally served alcohol to the driver prior to the crash. This is called a dram shop claim, and it is meant to hold bar owners accountable when their illegal behavior causes severe injury and death.

The parents of a woman killed in a car crash have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a bar in Texas. The lawsuit alleges that the bar illegally sold alcohol to the driver of the car in which the woman was a passenger. According to the suit, the drunk driver spent hours prior to the accident drinking at the bar, making the bar equally liable. The suit also states that there is evidence that the driver’s blood-alcohol level was 3 times above the legal limit at the time of the crash. The driver and another passenger in the car also died.

In cases like these, a bar that allegedly served alcohol to visibly intoxicated and or underage persons should be held responsible if the intoxicated persons are involved in vehicle crashes after they leave the establishment. That’s where having an experience attorney can help a case and maximize recovery. But, a lawsuit such as this will take a long time to sort out; the bar will likely mount a vigorous defense and a settlement or trial could be months, if not years, away. If there comes a time when the family cannot financially wait to seek justice, litigation funding can help.

Litigation funding would allow the family precious time to wait for a fair and equitable settlement; if they desperately need money now, the only other alternative may be to settle a valuable case for pennies on the dollar to pay their bills. With litigation funding, the only collateral required is a pending lawsuit. There is no need for a credit check, employment verification, or monthly payments. The application takes less than five minutes; approvals are often within 24 – 48 hours. Litigation funding is risk-free; repayment is contingent of the outcome of the case meaning if you lose, repayment is excused.

Call Litigation Funding Corporation today for a free, no-obligation consultation. We are here to assist with legal funding needs of innocent victims to help ensure they receive every penny of damages that they are entitled to receive.

San Francisco Tour Bus Involved In Crash Was Never Inspected By The California Highway Patrol

November 17, 2015

Twenty people were injured, including four critically, after an open-air double-decker tour bus collided with several vehicles at a construction site for a new Apple store in downtown San Francisco. Two of the critically injured suffered major head injuries and one has an extremely serious broken leg. Five of the 20 injured remain hospitalized.

Witnesses told police that the driver of the bus was driving erratically and speeding for at least two blocks before hitting a bicyclist, pedestrians and striking several moving cars before slamming into scaffolding at the construction site. Victims were pinned beneath the bus and fallen scaffolding. The bus also knocked down several power lines used to propel the city’s fleet of electrical buses.

City Sightseeing’s CEO Christian Watts issued a statement saying that the company inspects its vehicles every 45 days or less, and the bus that crashed was last inspected Oct. 25. Also, that the bus is registered with the DMV. However, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) maintains a list of all tour vehicles that carry more than 11 passengers in California and said the bus was not registered, therefore the California Highway Patrol never inspected the bus that crashed. City Sightseeing has been previously investigated by the CPUC for insurance and ownership issues, and was fined for failing to produce records during a safety audit. The tour company’s permit was revoked in 2013, but it is currently operating under a new one.

A bus accident oftentimes will result in a complex litigation. In many of these cases, there are often numerous victims and numerous defendants. This could result in a long delay before victims receive compensation for injuries. Family members may not have the funds to help through this difficult time, and banks don’t typically loan money to personal injury victims. Furthermore, money from a bank is a loan that must be paid back, with monthly payments. Litigation Funding Corporation can assist victims and family members through the difficult financial issues facing them. Applying for litigation funding can help with lost wages, medical expenses, and ongoing living expenses such as paying the mortgage or rent, utilities, or simply putting food on the table. In fact, litigation funding may be the only option to prevent victims from settling too soon and for too little. There are no upfront fees, no monthly payments, and repayment of the cash advance is only made when the case is won. It our client loses the case, repayment of the cash advance is completely waived. When the bills and expenses are covered, it is much easier to fight for justice to be served.

If you are suffering financially while waiting for a personal injury lawsuit to settle, consider litigation funding to give you a strategic advantage. Our quick and easy application and approval process can take less than 48 hours. Call Litigation Funding Corporation to discuss your financial needs.

Litigation Funding May Be A Financial Solution During Your Pending Wrongful Death Lawsuit

October 21, 2015

A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against the father of a 20-year-old who lost control of his vehicle and slammed into a building, killing one passenger and seriously injuring another. The driver was in a coma for months, and remains “physically and mentally incapacitated.” Although he is undergoing 18 hours of physical therapy a week, doctors do not feel he will ever be competent. The surviving passenger has no recollection of the night and continues to suffer lasting injuries from the accident.

Authorities said the young man was speeding and under the influence of controlled dangerous substances last summer when his Honda Civic slammed into a building. The lawsuit claims that his father should have known or knew about his son’s history of drunk driving. County records indicated that he was jailed on a marijuana distribution charge in November. His license had been previously suspended for stemming from a summons for driving under the influence.

In addition to naming the driver and his father, the suit seeks to hold responsible those who gave him the alcohol, as well as those who drank with him. The lawsuit alleges that before the accident, the driver was at the property of the unidentified defendants, and that he was already “visibly intoxicated” when those unnamed defendants continued to provide, share, and condone the consumption of alcoholic beverages and/or controlled, dangerous substances.

This lawsuit will most likely take a long time to settle because one passenger is dead, the other has no memory, and the driver is incompetent, making it difficult to determine what the driver did and with whom just before the crash. The cost of a funeral in itself can also be quite pricey. Medical bills can also lead to financial devastation. While these victims and their families did not cause this tragic situation, nonetheless it is one they are facing, and will continue to face for a long time.

Litigation funding is a quick and easy solution to alleviate financial stress after the wrongful loss or serious injury of a loved one. A lawsuit cash advance would allow the family precious time to wait for a fair and equitable settlement; if they desperately need money now, the only other alternative would be to settle a valuable case for pennies on the dollar to pay their bills. The only collateral required is a pending lawsuit. A plaintiff can apply for this non-recourse cash advance either online or over the phone; the process takes less than five minutes; approvals take 48 hours or less. Lawsuit funding is risk-free; repayment is contingent of the outcome of the case meaning if you lose, repayment is excused.

For any plaintiff who feels they cannot financially wait to seek justice in a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit, lawsuit funding may be the solution. Call Litigation Funding Corporation today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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